Pete Sessions Statement on President’s FY2013 Budget

Today, I released the following statement regarding President Obama’s fiscal year 2013 budget proposal:

President Obama’s budget blueprint – presented to the American people a week late – represents more of the same tax, borrow and spend policies we have repeatedly witnessed from this Administration. A predicted budget deficit of over $1 trillion for the fourth year in a row underscores the Obama Administration’s lack of regard for fiscal responsibility and reaffirms its commitment to failed policies that have made our economy worse. While the President promised that the unemployment rate would not exceed 8 percent as a result of the so-called ‘stimulus,’ the American people have seen 36 consecutive months above 8 percent under his leadership. Clearly, we cannot spend our way to economic prosperity.

Hardworking American families and small businesses have tightened their fiscal belts and deserve for the federal government to do the same. That is why House Republicans have led the fight in substantially reducing government spending throughout the 112th Congress – even cutting our own office and committee budgets – to respect the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people and put an end to fiscal recklessness in Washington.

While the Obama Administration promotes bigger government and a $1.9 trillion tax increase that will impede job creation, our focus will continue to be on pro-growth policies that empower the free enterprise system. Like every budget proposal of this Administration, the President’s FY2013 budget spends too much and leads our nation down a path towards bankruptcy instead of fiscal solvency.


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