Pete Sessions Statement in Support of a Balanced Budget Amendment

Today, I released the following statement in response to the House vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution:

Today the House had the opportunity to move forward on a common-sense, permanent solution to our nation’s spending-driven debt crisis. Unfortunately for the American people, House Democrats reaffirmed their commitment to fiscal recklessness and rejected requiring the federal government to do what hardworking Americans do every day: balance a budget.

As another harsh reminder of the need to get our nation’s fiscal house in order, our national debt surpassed $15 trillion this week – over $4 trillion more than when President Obama took office. For far too long, Democrat-led Washington has spent too much, taxed too much and borrowed too much. The American people deserve better than their leaders continuing down the same path of unsustainable policies.

A Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution would implement real institutional change in Washington and save future generations from the burden of debt created by out-of-control spending. Now more than ever, we must become fiscally responsible to restore confidence in our economy and empower small businesses to grow, invest and hire workers again. A Balanced Budget Amendment would finally force Washington to live within its means and create a sound financial future for the American Dream to thrive.


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