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Man learns while he sees and what he learns influences what he sees. - Edward Hall
All photographs are self portraits. - Minor White

Edward Curtis

Annie Leibovitz

This is the last of my ART series, PART III. I chose Photography to end the series because this, of course, is my favorite and where I feel most comfortable. It has been my experience that being a conservative does not help in the Art World. I chose not to use the fact that I am a woman, or to be part of any ethnic group to advance my standing in the Artist community. The Liberals always want to place you in a cubbyhole. In this way, you then become a victim and have appeal. Have you noticed how Black Americans are victims of White Americans? How women are inferior to men therefore make less money and have less chance to succeed? Unfortunately there may be some validity to these claims, but to continue to carry the burden of victimization has got to stop. At some point we all must take personal responsibility to make our own way. Dwelling on what may have been is unproductive.

The Liberals have in some part convinced Americans that there is no right or wrong by blurring the lines. No longer are we allowed to decide by common reason that which is good or evil because of ‘political correctness’. Art has emerged as the playground for promoting Liberal propaganda. The Merriam Dictionary defines diversity as a ‘variety’. So it would seem that the Art world would then support and exhibit different ideologies. But in the real Art world of today, diversity is practically non existent even though that is what Liberals tout. Tolerance is also another word used in the Liberal world but there is no tolerance toward the conservative artist. Somehow the Liberals have turned the meaning of words to their favor. A simplistic sampling of their intended meanings are good is bad. Bad is good. When there are no boundaries then homosexuality, pedophilia and Liberal propaganda can then be injected into our society with little or no resistance. There are less than eight million LGBT’s and compared to the 300 million plus Americans, I would say that this reality should alert us as to who is really benefitting from the Art world. Art is always evolving and should never deviate from the truth. Art represents the artists’ truth and it is imperative that we understand whose truth is being promoted. Only by being active participants can we truly impact the future of Art in our communities.

Before I go on, it is best to acknowledge that photography continues to evolve through technology. I have been to a few digital art exhibits and was fascinated, some good and some plain ugly. Digital photography has given birth to another medium and will move us into a more fanciful level. It could lead us into being totally out of touch with reality. Photoshop has enabled the photographer to change an image and therefore change the reality of the moment. The Pulitzer Prize for photography will continue to be awarded on a still photograph. See below as to how the rules have changed. Also please note that Eugene Robinson is now on the Pulitzer Prize board…another Liberal.

There is a question as to whether photography is an art form or just a process of documentation. I believe it is both. Photographs detail the ravages of war, the glory of victory and moments of tenderness and joys. Photographs in a body of work can depict images that strongly impact the viewer to accept the photographer’s ideology and therefore change how the viewer thinks about the subject he just witnessed. The series can be thought provoking guided by the intent of the photographer. Numerous subjects are used by photographers to spread their interpretation of the truth. Included in these are the Death Penalty, homosexuality, war and the environment. For example, those that condemn the evils of the Death Penalty never show the evil perpetrated on the victims. Even though LGBT’s are a small fraction of our society their lifestyles are promoted by revealing morbid and sometimes glamorous interactions. Still other exhibits deal with the consequences of their lifestyles.

There are photographers who with great detail arrange their subjects in order to accomplish the look they want. Annie Leibovitz is just such a photographer. Edward Curtis, considered one of the great American photographers, travelled the West photographing and documenting the American Indian. His historic portraits and his portrayal of the vanishing Indian is his legacy. His photograph “the Vanishing Race – Navaho” had a price tag of $55,000 at the Gallery for Fine Photography the last time I saw. Most of Robert Mapplethorpe’s work is dedicated to perversion. His death from HIV/Aids is an indication of how far removed he may have been from reality and its consequences. Liberals in their constant quest for utopia forsake reality for unrealistic results. Even Doctors without Borders have displayed images of children injured by the Iraqi war leading the viewer to blame President GW Bush for his ‘War on Terror’. I do not doubt that these courageous doctors do great humanitarian work, but using children to show the evils of war for political purposes is a slanted version of the truth.

The Pulitzer Prize photographs make the photographer. These photographs are prized because they are taken by photographers who often put themselves in harm’s way. These photographers are at the right place at the right time. We can question the possibility of the accidental photograph. Even so, photographers must have the presence of mind to think quickly, stay focused and to understand that they only have a moment to squeeze the shutter release. They may not even be aware at the time that they are recording or changing history. The photograph of the American soldier Staff Sgt. William David Cleveland being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu changed the course of the Somalia war. The images taken by a Canadian photographer Paul Watson caused such an uproar in the states that President Clinton withdrew all American soldiers from Somalia by March 31, 1994. Liberals also know who to target with their art propaganda. The young mind looking for a creative way to express how he or she views the world is fertile ground for the Liberal. Countless Art programs are available to our youth not only through our school system but in our communities. The Liberal agenda quietly infiltrated our schools’ art programs in the 70’s. I have Art work created by my son that is 30 years old with the theme being the ‘environment’. How naive we were. This indoctrination happened gradually and for the most part accepted by conservatives. This 30 year plus propaganda on the environment has gripped and continues to tear our nation apart.

In October of last year, Michelle Obama honoring at risk kids at the WH commented on the Arts programs as, "shining examples of using success in the arts and humanities as a bridge to success in life." We can not deny that Art plays a critical role in forming our children’s concept of life and is important for a well rounded education. Knowing this, we must take responsibility for what our children are exposed to in the Arts. By becoming more active in the Arts we can be aware of the ‘truths’ that touch our children’s lives. Take the initiative to visit a local gallery or museum with your children or grandchildren. In this way you can help form their view of the world and instill your conservative family values.

Michael LeKites - Robert Jones

Liberatchik is an organization dedicated to ‘Art for Liberty’ featuring work by conservative artists. Frances Byrd is a wife, mother and a painter. She is not any different from those that discovered that politics was interfering with her passion as a painter. Frances’ work consists of political and patriotic paintings. She related to me, “How hard it is to be a conservative in the art field because the majority of artists are Liberal.” She went on to say that even though her work has been rejected based on subject matter she is surprised that Liberals are so shocked when they see her patriotic work slanted to her truth. She just got tired of the hypocrisy so she started Liberatchik. She also mentioned that she felt that most Liberal artists are antagonistic toward conservative artists. Frances also stated that she really doesn’t know what the problem is with the conservatives. She finds it inconceivable and offensive when her own peers let her know that her work does not go with their ‘couch and walls’. She believes that it is the responsibility of the average conservative to be involved in bringing back our culture based on value and worth and not on color scheme.

Sonja Harris

Frances Bryd

Frances is attending the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC on February 10-12. She will present a booklet consisting of work by 16 artists to CPAC to bring attention to the ‘Art of Liberty’ movement. The Liberals have gone out of their way to, “Make us feel like we are alone,” she said. It is our sincere wish that through our efforts we will connect with other artists and know that we are not alone. Please visit to view the booklet. If any of you are connected with a gallery or museum and would like to sponsor an Exhibit of the work of these 16 artists, please contact Frances Byrd through!/pages/Liberatchik.

Domestic opinion turned hostile as horrified TV viewers watched images of the bloodshed—-including this Pulitzer-prize winning footage of Somali warlord Mohammed Aideed’s supporters dragging the body of U.S. Staff Sgt. William David Cleveland through the streets of Mogadishu, cheering. President Clinton immediately abandoned the pursuit of Aideed, the mission that cost Cleveland his life and gave the order for all American soldiers to withdraw from Somalia by March 31, 1994. Other Western nations followed suit.

First Lady Honors Arts Programs For At-Risk Youth

Robert Mapplethorpe

Eugene Robinson, Washington Post columnist, joins Pulitzer Prize Board

Pulitzer Prize Board announces changes for 2011 journalism competition

A final change will make it easier for organizations to enter the two still photography categories. The board now requires that photographs be submitted electronically in the Breaking News and Feature photography categories, eliminating the requirement that organizations submit printed photos. Few eligible news organizations print photos on paper today; the images are chosen, edited, shared and often displayed digitally.
Eliminating the need for costly printing makes it easier for news organizations to enter the photo categories and is consistent with the practices of other major photo prizes.
"These changes help ensure that in the multimedia age, the Pulitzer Prizes will continue to recognize the very best journalism in all formats,” said Pulitzer Board Co-Chairs David M. Kennedy and Amanda Bennett.

2010 Grant Awards: Access to Artistic Excellence

Art House at the Jones Center (aka Arthouse)
Austin, TX
To support Young Artists @ Arthouse. The project offers studio-based artistic skill development to Austin-area teens who have a serious interest in art but no access to advanced arts programs.
Artpace, Inc. (aka Artpace San Antonio) (Consortium)
San Antonio, TX
To support ArtElements, a series of outreach activities for youth. Undertaken in partnership with the San Antonio School District, the project is designed to engage youth with contemporary art in a substantive way.

NEA Announces the Second Round of FY2010 National Endowment for the Arts Grants

Learning in the Arts grants strengthen American educational opportunities by providing children with focused arts instruction, exposing them to legendary artists, and introducing children to artworks of the highest quality. Through the Learning in the Arts category, the NEA will award 255 grants out of 658 eligible applications, for a total of $8,425,000.
Virginia's Arlington Arts Center received a grant of $20,000 to support the Public Art Learning Project. Through site visits and workshops, middle school students will learn about public art and create a temporary public artwork that will be exhibited in the neighborhood where many of the participants live.

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