Pictures of Congress Representatives on Balcony Before Health Care Bill Vote And Code Red Kill Bill Tea Party Rally

TexasGOPVote participated in the Code Red Kill The Bill Rally in Washington D.C. March 20th and 21st. Below are some great pictures of our Republican congressmen cheering on the crowds of Tea Partiers and other freedom-loving citizens before the final health care bill vote was made. These GOP Representatives are out talking to the people, while their Democratic colleagues are inside scheming with Pelosi on how to get those last couple of votes needed to pass government-run health care. At least we have some representatives that actually REPRESENT THE PEOPLE!!

Congressmen on balcony with handwritten signs saying "Kill the Bill":

Rep. King with picture of Pelosi on balcony, motioning thumbs down:

Signs in front of balcony:

Marsha Blackburn walking to Capitol Building:

Michelle Bachmann and other Congressmen and women came to ground level balcony to come close and talk with people using (borrowing) a megaphone that belongs to one of the Tea Partiers:

Texas flags among the signs and flags of the Tea Party demonstrators:


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