Polls Show Sharron Angle Leading Harry Reid 48% to 45%, Angle on Hannity Show (VIDEO)

The race for Nevada Senate between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle is one of the most important races in the nation. Will Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle be able to kick Obama's right-hand man out of office? Harry Reid has been trying to pull every political trick he can to grasp at any chance he has to keep his position in office. There have even been cases of voter machine (built by SEIU members) glitches in Nevada in which Harry Reid's name is automatically checked. However, Harry Reid may soon have to find a new job! A Fox News poll shows Sharron Angle beating Harry Reid 48% to 45%!

The following is the transcript of the above video clip taken from FoxNews.com:

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: The country's most watched Senate race between Sharron Angle and Harry Reid is sure to be one for the history books. With one day to go, it's looking more and more likely that Sharron Angle will unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The latest Fox News battleground state poll shows Angle leading Reid by three points, 48 to 45 percent. These as allegations of last minute cheating continue to pour in from both parties.

Angle's campaign has charged that Reid violated Federal Election Law by offering free food in exchange for votes. Reid's campaign is accusing Angle of voter suppression and even calling her a liar.

Joining me with reaction is Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle. We invited Senator Reid to come on the program, but what a shock he said no and he hasn't gotten back to us.

Sharron Angle, it maybe as of tomorrow night Senator-elect Angle, you are glad this moment has finally arrived?

SENATE CANDIDATE SHARRON ANGLE, R-NEV.: Well, of course, Sean, it is always an anxious moment the day of the election, but I want to welcome you first to my home and say thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to talk once more to Nevada voters about getting out that vote and the clear choice they have between me and Senator Reid.

HANNITY: Let's first go to these charges of voter fraud that continue to pour in here. What is going on out there? What about free food offered for votes?

ANGLE: Well, we found several irregularities in the voting process and early voting as you know started on the 16th of October so we've been almost two weeks into voting.

What we found are certain things that have just been very disconcerting. Some of the voting machines have been pre-marked for Harry Reid. So you had to unmark that slot to be able to vote for me.

Some of the ballots were marked in one way ended up on the written ballot in a different way. Then of course, as you're reporting those things where -- they busload folks into the polls and give them food and gift cards to K-Mart, those kinds of things.

HANNITY: You know, I've been watching very closely. It seems that Harry Reid's narrative on you, he has done everything possible to try and portray you as a conservative. He also says he saved the state from a depression, single handedly apparently.

But the unemployment in the state is what, 14.3 or four percent, in Vegas it's 15 percent, it's 14 percent in Reno. Is he and his policies and his votes, do you think in large part responsible for the bad state of the economy in Nevada?

ANGLE: Certainly we do hold him responsible here in Nevada. When he went in as Senate majority leader, we were at 4.4 percent unemployment and now as you point out, we're at 14.4 percent unemployment.

But when you put in the underemployed and those who have quit looking for jobs, we're really at 22.3 percent unemployment. We lay those squarely at Harry Reid's doorstep. He's the one that pushed, promoted and made deals for those poor public policies that have absolutely crushed our economy here in Nevada.

HANNITY: What is your reaction in response -- I was a little bit surprised, I expected an ad at some point to run in. I'm not sure if you ran it, but I looked and I haven't seen it.

And that is that when Harry Reid said to our troops the surge has failed and the war is lost, did you run a campaign ad on that?

ANGLE: Well, we did speak about that of course at the debate. I wanted an apology from Harry Reid for endangering our troops and emboldening our enemies.

I felt that he needed to apologize to veterans, to the men that are in the service now right now, men and women in service and to their families as well as to the American public for what he had done, his words do have consequences.

But as we looked at the broader scheme of things we knew that where Nevada families were really suffering was at our economy, our jobs and our homes.

HANNITY: I think there are a lot of conservatives like myself looking forward to announcement tomorrow, Fox News projects. Are you ready for that announcement tomorrow?

ANGLE: Well, I'm very cautiously optimistic. It is one of those things that we don't try to even forecast until we've seen all the votes in.

So we're just -- we're eager to have everyone get out and vote and of course that's what we'll overcome any fraud in the voting places that everyone goes and votes and tells their neighbors to go and vote.

HANNITY: Sharron Angle, good luck. We appreciate you being with us, appreciate you being here tonight.


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