President Obama Announces New Position: Weather Czar

It was announced today that president Barack Obama has created a new position within the administration: a Weather Czar. The yet to be appointed Weather Czar will be responsible for a pilot program, controlling weather around the United States, and one day, declared Obama, "the entire world."

The President stated "These inequities in temperature and rainfall that we have experienced during the last 8 years of the Bush administration must be addressed." The President, concerned that parts of the United States receive too much rainfall, resulting in floods, and some areas of the United States are parched, where plants, which depend on rain to survive, are perishing, created the new post as part of his new Fair Weather Initiative. "This is unfair" declared Obama "and we will be addressing this injustice." He went on to say

It is our intention to bring down the carbon footprint that we leave on the world by bringing up the temperature in the areas of the country that experience extreme cold, and lowering the temperature of those areas that are in warmer climes. This will cause us to produce fewer greenhouse gases which will in turn produce global harmony as the world sees our weather responsibility. Soon, we will be controlling the weather over the entire globe, and our enemies will then become our friends as they too, reduce their carbon footprint. Michelle's organic garden will flourish as a result!

I completely fabricated the above story. But, in my opinion, President Obama has about as much chance of curing our ailing economy and health care system with his appointment of multiple "Czars" and overreaching, big government initiatives, as he does of controlling the climate!


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