The President Went Down to Texas...

While probably not true, don't you just know this conversation happened somewhere along the line??


Phone ringing in background as former Houston Mayor, now Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Bill White walks across the room to answer.


"Uhhhh, Hey Bill. This is Barry!" says the voice on the phone.

Mayor White answers, "Who is this?"


"Bill, this is Barry!" the voice repeats and continues, "You know, Barrack Obama?)


A confused Bill White continues, "ummmm, I'm sorry, who is this again?"


The voice, now getting perturbed. "This is Barrack Obama! The 44th President of the United States!"


White gets a big smile on his face, "Oh! THAT Barrack Obama. I'm sorry Mr. President. How are you today?"


President Obama relaxes his voice, "I am fine Bill. Say, I was wanting to talk to you about Texas. You know, we didn't do so good in Texas in the last election and I really want to help you defeat that Rick Perry guy! I don't want to have to face him in the 2012 election."


White responds, "Well that is very kind Mr. President." White nervously continues, " But, we have this campaign well under control. I don't think we will be needing your help."


"Oh, that's okay Bill" Obama responds. "It's no big deal. I've got this big jet I get frequent flyer miles on and I have really been racking them up. I will just hop down there to your hometown, Houston, and we will raise up a whole bunch of money for your campaign!" He continued, "Then we can pop over to Austin and really pound the message about how together, we can do for Texas what I have done for America!"


White wipes the beads of sweat from his forehead and thinking quickly says, "ummmmm, well, Mr. President, I am very sorry, But I am not going to be in Houston when you are here. I really appreciate your efforts, but I already have an event scheduled near San Antonio. I have an idea! Maybe Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee can fill in for me. You know she is never one to pass up the opportunity to pose with a president." 


Obama pauses. "Oh, well that's okay Bill. We have plenty of fuel. After all, our fuel bill is part of the economic stimulus package. We are saving the jobs of jet fuel pumping guys! Saved 15 of them just last week! We'll just reschedule for San Antonio. We will see you there!"


White, now stammering a bit. "Um, Mr. President, I'm sorry, I looked at my calendar wrong. Turns out that meeting is just outside of Dallas. Can't meet you in San Antonio."


"Look Bill," Obama continued, "You guys need my help. I want to do for Texas what I did for America.. I will see you in Dallas!"


"Hello? Mr. President?... You're breaking up sir? I can't hear.." Click..


Bill White lowers his head in deep thought. "What am I going to do now?"


(Photo of Bill White in disguise courtesy of Americans For Prosperity.)


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Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed this.  Totally great...posted to my FB.

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