Pro-Life Group Says "Stop Elena Kagan"

The Population Research Institute, a pro-life think tank, has written a blog post on Elena Kagen's record on abortion. PRI says "Like her sponsor, President Barack Hussein Obama, Kagan has left little in the way of a paper trail. Her judicial record is nonexistent—she has never served on the bench—and her position on most issues is murky. What we do know is this: Elena Kagan is bad—very bad—on the Life issues."


According to the article while an advisor to President Clinton, Kagan "consistently promoted anti-life positions that at times extended beyond what President Clinton was inclined to do." For example, according to PRI, Kagan "Kagan later advised the President to support a phony late-term abortion 'ban' to give 'cover for pro-choice Senators' who did not want to support a real partial-birth abortion ban." Kagan was also instrumental in President Clinton's veto of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban of 1996.


The article reminds us that amidst all of the current headlines one fact should remain in every American's mind - Elena Kagan is only 50 years old which means "If confirmed, she stands a good chance of outlasting all of the currently serving justices."


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