Latest HHSC Data Numbers Confirm that Doctors Are Performing Abortions to Save Women's Lives Under Texas Abortion Law

The latest data numbers for reported abortions from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) show that doctors performed 10 abortions in January 2024 under the medical necessity exception of the Human Life Protection Act. This brings the total reported under that exception to 91 beginning since July of 2022, the month following the US Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in Dobbs.

No woman has died for lack of a life-saving exception. No doctor has faced prosecution by a DA, a lawsuit from the Attorney General, or sanction by the Texas Medical Board related to these cases.

At the same time, reported elective abortions have plummeted from thousands per month to zero, according to the same HHSC reports, as summarized here:

"Texas' pro-life laws are saving babies' lives from abortion and saving women's lives in the rare and tragic cases of life-threatening pregnancy complications," said Amy O'Donnell, Communications Director of Texas Alliance for Life. "We are pleased to see the law is protecting both women and babies as planned."

The Human Life Protection Act -- the 2021 law that protects unborn babies from abortion throughout pregnancy -- was unanimously upheld by the Texas Supreme Court on Friday, May 31. In Zurawski v. Texas the Court acknowledged in the conclusion of its opinion:

Texas law permits a life-saving abortion. Under the Human Life Protection Act, a physician may perform an abortion if, exercising reasonable medical judgment, the physician determines that a woman has a life-threatening physical condition that places her at risk of death or serious physical impairment unless an abortion is performed . . . before death or serious physical impairment are imminent.

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