Planned Parenthood - Really?

The Roe vs. Wade debate has been raging for decades.  Yet, here we are, still fighting.  What’s different?  The Left continues to march even further to the left.  We are now obviously (should be) in the age of Marxist America.  When U.S. Congressmen vote to kill (murder) infants who are born and outside of the womb, we know we are in a place of severe danger and evil.

When I was much younger, I was pro-choice.  Over the years, like many guys, I have learned more so the value of life.  There we circumstances that were, in my view, reasonable and acceptable.  But today, the Left has gone waaaayyyy too far.  Killing a child — no matter how you do it — is murder, plain and simple.  For a doctor who pledged his oath to “do no harm”, they should be jailed.  It’s hard to imagine how you can rip a child apart in the way they do it and not be seriously psychologically impacted.

Tearing a human body apart dead or alive should be unconscionable.  Yet, here we are with Facebook and Twitter killing any advertisement for the movie Unplanned just released.  It is out today and will only be in theaters for four days — at most.

The movie is based on a woman who worked for Planned Parenthood and learned up close and personal what was going on in that organization, which led her to be an advocate for pro-life and ultimately the person who pursued this movie.  Watch the trailer and get to the theater to see the entire two hour movie.  And please, pass the word.

Unplanned — The Movie

It’s about health and safety?  Really?  For who?


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