Protecting the Conscience of American Citizens

Last week, the House passed the Conscience Protection Act of 2016, sponsored by Rep. Diane Black. This bill protects those who object to terminating the life of an unborn child from being penalized for not performing an abortion.

Despite abortion being legal in the United States, there are millions of people who are opposed to being part of an abortion - whether through receiving an abortion, performing the procedure, or being forced to pay for one. However, the federal government under President Obama has permitted abortion mandates in states such as California and New York that force doctors, nurses, and insurance plans to take part in abortions either physically or financially. Nurses and other healthcare professionals have been discriminated against, suspended, and even threatened with termination over their refusal to take part in an abortion procedure.

As a staunch conservative who believes life begins at conception, I don’t feel the government should mandate that anyone act against their conscience, especially in the matter of abortion. This is why I voted in favor of S. 304, which is meant to prevent the government from forcing someone to act in a way that contradicts their conscience. This bill amends the Public Health Service Act to stop the federal government, and any state or local government that receives federal funding, from penalizing, retaliating against, or otherwise discriminating against a health care provider that does not want to be party to an abortion. The federal government has no business forcing people to take part in abortions, especially who believe so strongly in the right to life.


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