Sarah Palin at A Woman's Haven Benefit Dinner in San Antonio, TX

A Woman’s Haven Pregnancy Crisis Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping expectant mothers with unplanned pregnancies. I recently attended the first of two fundraising dinners.  The first was Thursday April 22 with over 500 attendees and the second was Friday, April 23 with approximately 700 attending. These fundraisers were held at Cornerstone Church. Sarah Palin the former governor of Alaska and vice presidential Republican nominee was the keynote speaker at each and she certainly captivated her audiences.  

I have heard Sara Palin speak for prolife in person before, but this time there was this “real wisdom” about her.  She touched on the trials and challenges of her campaigns and let us know how difficult it was for her during the time she was pregnant with her son Trig. And that Trig was her greatest gift. Trig was born with Down syndrome and she knew he had this while carrying him. 

Some of the more moving words she used to convey her prolife message should stir a real desire inside of us to want to end abortion. She mentioned how our government is so radical on abortion and that so many government leaders are Catholics or so they say. She did not mention any names, but we know who these people are.  She called on the bishops and deacons to do their jobs and not be part of the herd mentality. I agree with Sarah. Have you heard your parish priest call out the evil in Washington, DC? 

She quoted one of my favorite saints, Mother Teresa, “Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching the people to love but to use in violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.”

Her words were the truth. “We are being taught in this generation not to celebrate our uniqueness. But America is set apart, America is so unique because when we were founded our founders dedicated it to God.”  

Sarah spoke for approximately 40 minutes and did not mince her words and remained focused. “Society tells women you are not capable enough. All this is fake feminism!  What they are really telling women is, you’re victims. Hey Women, you can’t go to school or have a job and a career and enjoy outpatient and have a baby. So you have to kill your baby in order to do all those other things. Talk about disempowering women and making women feel like victims. That’s fake feminism!”

She did not let up, her words were piercing. “But we have to make a choice.  You are in the arena and I appreciate it. It is not the easy path but it is the right path. We need to ramp it up though and we need to send a message to women that they are strong enough and smart enough and are capable to take all that life has to offer and carry a baby too. And let women know that if motherhood isn’t possible that adoption is that beautiful option. We need to send this message to Washington that every life is valuable, every life is precious. Every innocent life is worthy of protection.” Even if Washington may not seem to hear us, we need to continue to shout our message of life until they do hear us.   

Her parting words were encouraging. “We need to work together in building a culture of life. One precious soul at a time. That is what you are doing. I went through it, I lived it, God told me I was going be walking the walk and if it were not for the Prolife messages in a tangible way to hold on to that hope, my life would have turned out differently. So I thank you so much for all that you do.  Please don’t be afraid.  Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.  And if you have a chance to choose between staying in a comfort zone or doing that scary thing. Choose the scary thing. That’s how you grow. Choose the scary thing.”   

Sarah is one lady that has walked the walk and has been ostracized for it. To this day she continues to be a prolife advocate and is grateful that there are so many of us. I am grateful for her. So many say they are prolife and do nothing. Do something. Like Sarah said, “If not us then who, if not when…it has to be NOW! It has to be now. Before things do get worse.”

You can get involved in the culture of life by attending fundraisers, contributing to a crisis pregnancy center, or by being on the sidewalk at an abortion facility. Do your share to save the unborn.

Eddie stated in a Facebook post that, “We had 525 people the first night and about 725 the second night. Everyone was so generous and we are absolutely overwhelmed by the support. Thank you to everyone. Special shout out to the incredible staff at A Woman's Haven including my beautiful wife Susan Summerfield Perez. 

I am so proud to be in the fight with you all to end abortion once and for all.”

Susan was extremely gracious in her post on Facebook.

“A Woman’s Haven was blessed and honored to have the tremendous show of love and support from our Pro-life and Christian community as we were honored to have Sarah Palin speak for Women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy as she experienced one herself! The crisis is usually not the pregnancy but the circumstances surrounding it. With the support of our dedicated staff & donors - we are able to extend love and hope to over 3,000 women per year who think they are pregnant, are pregnant or already struggling to raise the babies they have.

There are so many to thank who made these two nights- a huge success and two of the best nights ever!”

Eddie Perez is the CEO and president of A Woman’s Haven and Pregnancy Crisis Center. His wife Susan Summerfield Perez is the Executive Director and manages the daily activities of the center. Together they make an excellent team.


(2390) Ordinary Heroes: Eddie and Susan Perez - YouTube



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