Sessions votes to End Obama's Title X Abortion Funding Rule

I released the following statement in support of the passage of a measure to disapprove of a rule that forces states to give grants funded by taxpayers dollars to abortion providers rather than community health centers and other clinics providing comprehensive reproductive health care services to women:

Throughout the nation Rural Health Centers, Federally Qualified Health Centers, county health centers, and other community health care clinics are providing desperately needed reproductive health services to patients of all backgrounds and beliefs without a political agenda or profit-maximizing business model. Under Title X of the Public Health Service Act, states are provided federal grant funding for the purposes of family planning that they can distribute to comprehensive healthcare clinics that are meeting the needs of women in their community. Unfortunately, the abortion industry has lobbied tirelessly to siphon this grant money from these healthcare clinics and the patients they serve and instead use it to line their own pockets.

In December 2016, the Obama Administration backed the abortion industry’s efforts and went even a step further to prevent states from prioritizing grant recipients who provide a wide range of health services to women. I do not support this rule because I believe states should have the freedom to allocate grant funds in a way, consistent with the underlying law, that best meets the needs of their local communities. I proudly voted for H. J. Res. 43 to overturn this rule so states can support family planning and other health services without being forced to fund abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

To learn more about H.J.Res. 43, Providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the final rule submitted by Secretary of Health and Human Services relating to compliance with title X requirements by project recipients in selecting subrecipients, click here.


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