Protest Cancels Ann Coulter Speech in Ottawa

On her Canadian tour, Ann Coulter was scheduled to make a stop at the University of Ottawa to give a speech. However after 2,000 students crowded the entrance of the site, posing a security threat, the event was canceled. David Parish, writing to the Ottawa Citizen, makes a good point:

"The university officials and protesting students who used the threat of intimidation to prevent the speech decry hatred and fascism, but through their actions have embodied both."


People in Canada are free to organize and protest against anything in a organized fashion. I don't see how this is different or more alarming than Tea Party protests here? Fact is when researching into this subject the University official sent her an email to remind her of the laws of the land in which she was attending. It took me less than five minutes and a good search engine to realize that some of her stronger messages and statement can be construed as hate speech in Canada and is punishable. She should be thankful that someone took the time to remind her of the laws of the land she was visiting.
Reading more about it from different Canadian outlets its clear that the organizers with the advice of the police cancelled the event. Don't blame the protesters for exercising their right to protest, I checked and they are allowed to do that as well in Canada.

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