Quanell X Demands the Removal of a Republican Alternate Election Judge - And the presiding judge complies!

In a shocking Houston election day story, Quanell X (head of the New Black Panther Party) demanded the removal of a legally appointed Republican Alternate Election Judge. , Amazingly, the Presiding Judge, Billie Smith, complied with his demands.

Alt. Judge Carmen Cuneo was appointed to represent the people of her Precinct by the Harris County Republican Party.  She was not some "outsider" sent in to "cause trouble".  Ms. Cuneo is a leader in the very community where she was attempting to serve on election day.

Issues began with a conflict with a Mr. Al Green over her asking voters to not use their cell phones in the election room, as required by Texas law.  Mr. Green was "invited" to work in the election room by the Presiding Judge.  Mr. Green was not on the rolls as a worker and was never sworn in as an election official.  Despite this, Mr. Green was allowed access to voter information, worked with voters and even assisted voters who were casting their votes, a violation of Texas law.  All people who assist a voter in casting a vote, including family members, MUST be sworn in.

Here is what Houstons Channel 13 had to say about the story.

Ms. Cuneo tells a different story.  A story of a deliberate attempt to intimidate an election official and improperly remove someone who is assigned to guarantee a fair election process.

On Monday, I had the opportunity to speak with Quanell X about voter intimidation.  I asked him if a poll watcher standing next to an election official while the official was assisting a voter constituted intimidation.  He said, "It depends.  It depends on the persons attitude, their facial expressions, their tone of voice and their body language as to whether it is intimidation or not."  Somehow I doubt that Quanell X was intimidated by this very classy lady.  

I asked several judges and the Harris County District Attorney, Pat Lykos about who has the authority to actually remove an Alternate Judge.  No one seemed certain off the top of their heads, but the consensus of opinion is the Election Judge does have the authority to eject anyone from the polling place, there are consequences for doing so improperly.  It cannot just be done because the judge wants to remove the opposite partys legally appointed observer.  The case has been submitted for investigation to the proper authorities.

Click Here for more information about voting irregularities and Poll Watchers Observations.

On a side note: Ms. Cuneo is a Facebook Fan of TexasGOPVote.com and a Facebook friend of mine.  I have met her on several occassions and know her to be a sincere person who would take a posting like this very seriously.  She has worked the polls before on many occasions and never had a problem.  Was Quanell X just looking for trouble?


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Glad you got the first hand story, Bob.

Quanell 10 is a shameless, self promoting provocateur.  Was this 'Al Green' the CONgresscritter of the same name?  What is the name of the D poll judge?  I am acquainted with Carmen and this time Quanell 10 has stepped way over the line.
By the way, is it true that Quanell makes serious coin collecting rewards for those 'fugitives' and 'suspects' he turns in?

Don't be too tired Mr. Dog (are you the bounty hunter?), we still have much work to go.  This weeks election was not the finish line.  It is the first hurdle of many to come as we race to save our country from Obama and the Democrats.

To answer a couple of your questions, No the Al Green in question is not the Congressman.  Elected officials are not allowed to be in polling locations except to vote.  Of course that never slowed down Sheila Jackson Lee, but I did ask that question to Ms. Cuneo and she said it was not him.

As for the question about Quanell X and reward money, I have heard that is true, but I have no personal knowledge of that.

For the record, I spoke briefly (VERY briefly) with Quanell X this morning and sent him an email offering to report his side of this story. So far, he has declined to comment.

This EGOMANIAC needs to be taken down a notch or 10 !!

To this guy, the sun coming up each morning is racist.  I've seen the guy show up and leave events in his BMW 6 Series, so we know this race-hustling game of his has earned him a nice living.  Remember his outrage last year when RagingElephants.org placed that billboard off 610 and Scott saying that MLK Jr. was a Republican?  Q10 was the first guy out there complaining, worried a few sheep might leave his flock.

As election judge for 0514 if I had thrown out my alternate election judge for any reason, I would probably have been arrested for racial prejudice. My alternate election judge was legally appointed by the Democrat party and all the workers accepted her decisions and help as if it came from me.

It was supposed to be a team effort in making sure everyone was able to vote and if assistance was needed the voter could request a person assist them. Both myself and my alternate judge answered questions for voters. Most was how to turn the wheel to get the number in the password location or how to get it down to a name on the ballot. After about the second time of explaining to a person to turn the wheel again to get it on the next number, they would say this is easy.

I do hope someone is going to prosecute someone over this. And the Constable in that area should have a Texas Sheriff looking down his throat for continuing this intimidation!

Fortunately, I was not in that type of situation or they would have had to take me to jail.


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