Quanell X & New Black Panthers Vs King Street Patriots - A Collision over Voter Fraud or Consensus Against Intimidation?

Early Voting is over and the stage is set for the November 2nd General Election.  The King Street Patriots group, concerned about the sanctity of the election process, has recruited and trained over 1,000 poll watchers to take to the streets and polling locations of Houston.  But they will not be alone. Quanell X, leader of the New Black Panther Party, has been doing some recruiting of his own.

According to Fox 26 News, Quanell X spent this week recruiting hundreds of "troops" to watch the poll watchers. The report (shown below) quotes Quanell X as saying he would not tolerate any of his people carrying clubs or weapons as was seen in Philadelphia in the 2008 presidential election.  But he also said, very ominously "will not tolerate any intimidation tactics from them against our elderly, our women and our young people."

Does this mean there could be trouble between these two groups, or perhaps, is there an opportunity to step back and find an opportunity to work together to help both sides assure a free and fraud-free election that is also free from intimidation from or to voters or poll watchers?

Both sides seem, on the surface, to want the same thing.  The poll watchers recruited and trained by Houston's King Street Patriots' "True the Vote" initiative, want to ensure the vote is free from fraud or other forms of cheating. Quanell X's poll watchers want to make certain that no one is intimidated at the polls.  This should include election officials and poll watchers.

As you can see in the Fox 26 News Story and other Houston media reports throughout the week, the media is driving the drama of this potential conflict. After all, conflict at the polls would be big news and big ratings. But as leaders of our community, Quanell X and the King Street Patriots must do everything they can to avoid this conflict. 

Houston, "We have an opportunity!"  What!? Yes, we have an opportunity to show why Houston is one of the greatest cities in America.  We have the opportunity to show that two groups with differing ideas about how to ensure safe and honest elections can work together to accomplish exactly that.

During early voteing I spoke with many poll watchers.  Some who had been trained by King Street, some who were trained and appointed by others.  What I found across the board was an honest desire to secure the sanctity of the voting process so that NO ONE'S VOTE gets diluted by someone else's cheating.

Let's have a safe voting day.  Everyone take a deep breath and do what is right. I don't think we can ask much more than that.


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It takes a strong spirit to attract, influence, sustain, and bear the energy of others.  The power of charisma is a gift.

As humans, it's natural for people to be afraid of others who are different, but as spiritual beings, I think our greatest challenge is to rise above that fear and simply adopt the Golden Rule and go about our own business...walk our own path, no matter how different it is from our neighbor's.

I wish people can accept that people are different and get over it, why does it have to all be so negative?  But alas, humans are designed with differences for a reason; Earth is the hardest assignment in the universe.

I think the media and word-of-mouth is responsible for most racism, but again, that's just the nature of humanity.  The challenge is to step away from the safety of the collective and think for yourself, act for yourself, take time to open the book and really learn about what's on the inside.

Many people endeavor to help, defend, and champion others, but, because of Free Will, the only change they can affect is through modeling and simply speaking their truth.  Others may resonate with that truth or not, it's their choice.

 I'm free to associate with anyone whom I find interesting, or with whom I share an interest, not matter what other differences we may have.  I endeavor to rise above what other people may think or say about that, can you?


That's....Peggy's Perspective

Houston, TX

Please stop giving them credibility in the press. They need to go back to their own states. When visiting their meeting it was discovered that 98 percent of their license tags were from out of state. They are NOT welcome in Houston.

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