The Real Reason Texas is Still Red

I came across an article called, “How Hispanic Voters Kept Texas Red” written by a Houston attorney named Mark R. Yzaguirre. I read this article and I place a capitalized WARNING label on it. People that know me know that when I see something I do not like I will let you know, and I will not hold back. So here it goes. The writer horribly fails to come off as a moderate that is trying to give advice on how to keep the Latino vote in Texas, and I will sum up his advice to Texas Republicans in this awful article with only three words and that is Moderate our Stance. Mr. Yzaguirre, you said “If the Republican Party in Texas can keep its focus on bread-and-butter issues… (instead of) go(ing) for the sort of exclusionary rhetoric and policies that have alienated Latinos from the GOP elsewhere in the country…” we can continue to keep Texas a red state.

Now I don’t have a Harvard Law degree like you do however, with all due respect let me educate you on a couple of things. The elections in Texas showed us that we do not have to moderate our stance, in fact with our victory we are now in a position to pass legislation that will bring about stricter rules with regards to stopping illegal votes from being cast from non-U.S citizens. In fact I just read a bill that will be up for vote in January that will keep illegal immigrants from having a say in American affairs. Voter fraud is a big reason that liberal states like Nevada and California stay under the control of Democrats. It is a fact that Liberals go out and lie to the public and tell Latinos that we are anti-immigration and make it appear that Republicans are nothing but a bunch of insensitive racists. However the truth is that we are trying to unify American Citizens under one cause and that is to save our country. It’s the Democrats that have incited class and race warfare in an epic failed attempt to salvage this failed administration.

My fellow citizens, do not let articles like this discourage you. The reason I went after this article is because after reading it, I visited the writer’s Facebook home page and while I did not view his full profile, under his likes category there were liberal super stars such as Arianna Huffington, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Bill White, and oh yea Barrack H. Obama. Mr. Yzaguirre if the State of Texas passes the bills that crack down on illegal ballots being cast, just imagine how red Texas will still be after the 2012 election! We do not have to worry about the Latino votes because with Latino groups like Voces Action headed by leaders like Adryana Boyne and with great politicians like Marco Rubio, Bill Flores and hopefully one day myself, we will spread the real truth about the lie that is Liberalism. Instead we will offer a prosperous truth that is conservatism to Latinos and all Americans alike. One last thing Mr. Yzaguirre, do not give us advice sir, we won.


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