Recent Texas Governor Poll, Bill White Trails Rick Perry by 4%

The most recent Rasmussen Reports survey of 500 likely Texas voters show Democrat Bill White trailing Republican Rick Perry by only 4 percentage points. The gap between the two gubernatorial candidates has been narrowing since the start of the year. Rick Perry held a 10% lead in January, 7% lead in February, and a 6% lead in March. According to Rasmussen Report, any incumbent who earns less than 50% support at this stage of a campaign is considered potentially vulnerable.

Candidate Percentage
Rick Perry 48%
Bill White 44%
Other Candidate 2%
Not Sure 6%


So, I wonder how the Latinos will vote? On the one hand they are socially conservative. On the other hand, they are for big government hand-outs, free health care and open borders.... hmmm

Perry is pandering... White is pandering.... oooo, so close.

It looks like a case of , "may the best panderer win".

I'd love to see this data broken down by Texas County and I suspect Mayor Parker's "inquiries" into Houston METRO over the summer will prove to be "very interesting"; probably not a good time for Sheila Jackson Lee to hitch her wagons to Bill White.

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