Reelect Michael Steele for RNC Chair

The following article was originally posted on The Tygrrrr Express December 17th.

Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment is “Thou shalt not criticize any other Republican.”

I obey this dictum as settled Republican law, and normally never get involved in internal GOP fights.

Circumstances regarding the race to be the Chairman of the Republican National Committee requires that I intervene.

In plain English, current RNC Chair Michael Steele is under assault, and this must stop right now.

At the top of my lungs, I am screaming for the Republican Party deciders to reelect Chairman Steele to another two year term.

The left is licking their chops at the thought that Chairman Steele could be forced out. Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews already have experts lined up to explain why all Republicans are racists.

A vile and bigoted political cartoon circulating implies that Republicans led by Haley Barbour are all racists and that treatment of Michael Steele is proof of this.

The left’s ideological bigotry guns are loaded, and we are providing them the silver bullets on a platinum platter.

Those in the GOP wanting to fire Chairman Steele are not racists. They are just falling into a trap set by the left that they must avoid at all costs.

Chairman Steele does not want to be judged on his race. It should not be a plus or a minus. The Republican Party is a meritocracy, and the only criteria that matters is results.

Let’s look at the results.

Since Chairman Steele took over, the Republican Party has done nothing but win.

His outreach has been phenomenal. I have personally watched him speak to groups as diverse as a white Christian group in Idaho, a Nevada gathering with many Hispanics, and a Republican Jewish gathering in South Florida.

In every case he has shown how the Republican message applies to their daily lives. He has done so with intelligence, humor, and class.

Those who criticize that fundraising is down should be honest and take note that both liberals and conservatives are giving more to individual candidates and less to political parties.

Yet how do people know about these candidates? The party has to recruit them.

People across America fell in love with Colonel Allen West in Florida. Can we have the decency to admit that Chairman Steele helped pave the way for Colonel West and many other fine Republican candidates across America?

Can we admit that the world is upside down when Nancy Pelosi gets to keep her job and Michael Steele may lose his? Did I miss the bus and fail to see that the Pelosiraptor won the election for the left?

Speaking of buses, while Barack Obama was using racially charged rhetoric to tell Republicans to “sit in the back of the bus,” Michael Steele was energizing Republicans around the country with the “Fire Pelosi Bus Tour.” The fact that moderate Democrats went kicking and screaming against her to political defeat shows how effective this strategy was.

For those who complain that Chairman Steele misspeaks on occasion, I challenge every backbencher to have cameras recording your every word every second of your existence.

I would take Michael Steele in a speaking contest any day of the week over Joe Biden.

I would take Michael Steele’s optimism over Harry Reid’s pessimism every time.

Michael Steele did not say that we needed to pass a bill to know what was in it. That was Nancy Pelosi.

Like President George W. Bush, Michael Steele gets pilloried for an occasional verbal mistake.

Like President George W. Bush, I look at Michael Steele’s deeds and like what I see.

Every time Republicans are on the cusp of victory, we surrender and eat our own. Bill Clinton lied under oath, and yet somehow Newt Gingrich lost his job.

The left makes excuses for their worst elements while we subject our best to the circular firing squad.

We never learn. The left wants to destroy conservatives, especially minority conservatives. Look at Sarah Palin. Look at Michael Steele. Be prepared to see rocket fire turned on Eric Cantor.

The New York Times is begging conservatives to shove Michael Steele under the bus.

The left despises minority conservatives. They loathe effective conservatives.

Michael Steele is both.

His being a minority conservative is threatening to the left but irrelevant to us.

His being an effective conservative is threatening to the left and must be the only relevant factor for us.

He energizes crowds, recruits phenomenal candidates, broadens the party, and helps spread a vital conservative message of lower taxes, more freedom and tougher foreign policy stances.

He also is the epitome of inclusiveness. Whether one is black or white, Christian, Jewish, or another religion, gay or straight, moderate Republican or right-wing, Michael Steele has helped maintain and expand a giant tent for every single elephant.

Liberals are terrified by the color of his skin. I have gotten to know him and am elated by the content of his character.

He is the right man at the right time to lead the right party in the greatest nation on Earth.

He must be reelected.

I enthusiastically back Michael Steele for reelection as RNC Chair.

So for Republicans eager to fire somebody, start with Barack Obama.

Michael Steele is already working on that, and we should too.



Eric Golub is the author of The Tygrrrr Express. His books, Ideological Bigotry, Ideological Violence, and Ideological Idiocy are available now.



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Mr. Golub,
I reside in South Florida and was a supporter and volunteer campaign worker for Representative-Elect Allen West.  I have no issue with your support of Michael Steele but I have a BIG issue with your statement that Michael Steele helped pave the way for Allen West's victory on November 2. 

The average voter in FL CD22 has no clue who Michael Steele is and certainly did not vote for Col. West because of Michael Steele.  Michael Steele provided zero support for Allen West's 2010 campaign (financial or otherwise). 

Are you insinuating that because Michael Steele is black, that fact somehow paved the way for Allen's victory?  If so, you are completely out of touch with what went on down here in this election.  The people here voted for Allen West because of the content of his character, not the color of his skin.  

Do what you need to do to campaign for Michael Steele but please leave Allen West out of it!

Michael Steele is not a Conservative, rather has worked to undermine the Conservatism which won the last election. He is part of a GOP establishment which is the problem, not the solution; which has compromised with the Democrats rather than standing for Conservative American traditional values and sane economic policies. Moreover, Steele has made way too many mistakes to keep his job. If he were a football coach, he would have been canned seasons ago. In such a position as his, one must produce positive results to keep one's job.

You mention in your post above:

"The left’s ideological bigotry guns are loaded, and we are providing them the silver bullets on a platinum platter."

To that I say that the left's 'IB' guns are always loaded. They've made a mockery out of the very word racist nearly removing all meaning from it. You might as well call someone "dude" rather than "racist" after how they stupidly went after EVERYONE who opposes ANY of their people or ideas and calls them racist amongst other things.

You are NOT providing them ammunition. They routinely manufacture their own. Targeting Mr. Steele certainly allows them to point fingers a little harder and wag tongues a little louder. To that I say so what. It's an internal Republican matter and they would twist any situation any way to make us look bad. All this does is hold us hostage to their ideals and that must not stand.

I supported Mr. Steele when he ran initially. At least as a citizen as I have no direct connection to the voting or campaigning process. I'll tell you what though. As a conservative I do not see him being a good steward of RNC resources. I also think he's managed to make more public gafs than I've EVER seen attributed to a chairman of either party in quite some time. If the man had any humility, he'd simply not run again, thus removing controversy. I've not seen any politicians willing to do that. Only LEADERS!

As to not criticizing other republicans? I'd like to stand with you on that. I really would. Tell you what. Just as soon as you get rid of the current few in the U.S. Senate that continuously side with Democrats, the same for those that do in the U.S.House, and the ones who gave the Texas House a virtual Democratic leadership when there was a Republican majority, then I'll wave that flag. Until then we have some serious house keeping to do sir.

Sincerely Yours,

Gregory Miller Universal City, TX

Michael Steele had NOTHING to do with the GOP wins!  It is sleazy and dishonest for him to take credit.  He hurt the effort, and had there been a competent, honest non-jerk as RNC Chair, Republicans would have done even better.  He is a mess, had a messy career before becoming Lt. Gov of Maryland, he ran a messy Senate campaign for himself, and he made a complete mess of the RNC that others now need to clean up after.  Steele's re-election campaign is all about what's good for Michael Steele and not at all about what's good for the Republican party. 

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