Interested in Running for Office?

2012 was a very good year for politics.

State and local politics, that is.

With newfound appreciation in our community for the power of local grassroots electioneering, area voters may well see more newly elected public servants who reflect voters’ strong conservative values in office this year and beyond.

If you or someone you know is interested in running for a local, state, or federal election, please come and talk with us at the Texas Patriots PAC. We are continuing to build a farm team of candidates for elected office at all levels who we can recommend or endorse for office.

The Secret to TPP’s Political Success

In 2012, the Texas Patriots PAC-supported candidates were overwhelmingly successful in the Republican primary and runoff elections.

Here’s what we did to win:

We created the basis for a Political “Farm Team” – Our vetting process introduced us to local conservatives who are willing to run for office. Success breeds success. TPP supported-candidates won key races in the primary election and run-off. Now, new potential candidates have begun to contact us to seek our support. Our “farm team” serves as the source for conservative candidates who have already won locally and now can more successfully seek higher office.

We established a System to Recommend or Endorse Candidates – TPP’s vetting system ensured that supported candidates held TPP’s Core Values, had defended those values in their past, could articulate core values in the issues presented in the office they sought, and had put together a campaign with a path to victory. This “path to victory” criterion was essential to the successful election of TPP-supported candidates, because having a plausible plan to get the required votes is a critical job requirement for someone seeking office.

We ask that our friends in other area conservative groups would consider adopting this “path to victory” criterion, as it would soon lead to strong conservative representation at every level of government.

Click here to learn more about our endorsement criteria.

Comprehensive information about upcoming elections can be found on the right side of our website under Elected Position Info.

Success at the top of the ballot will be achieved when candidates lower down on the ballot have earned the support of conservative voters, and can then run for higher office.

Will you consider serving our community in public office?



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