The Wallets versus the Common Man

Election Day for the 2014 Republican Primary runoff is this coming Tuesday, May 27th. There is a real danger that some of the local races in this election will be won by dishonesty and deceit.

We at the Texas Patriots PAC knew we were going against a deeply entrenched syndicate of interests when we started down this reform road in 2011. We knew we would likely be outspent by multiples of our capacity to raise funds and decided to apply our efforts through “sweat equity." So we outworked them. We had the advantage of the efforts that the voters had witnessed over several years advocating for a fiscally sound, well-run government. This year, we became a real threat to the “Iron Triangle" - the political insiders, the wallets, and the movers and shakers. If we weren’t stopped, our reform movement would take control of the Montgomery County Commissioner’s Court, jeopardizing the syndicate’s control that has existed for over twenty years.

A bunch of people who have never had anything to do with any tea party activity decided to call themselves a Tea Party about a month ago and put out a “Voter Guide” to fool the people, claiming they were a legitimate Tea Party. They even went as far as violating the Election Law to conceal their donors as they likely would be exposed as supporters of the political insiders and their "princelings." Two donors of over $2,000 were Craig Doyal and Will Metcalf according to their State Reports. We will find out Tuesday if this deceit will work. As far as the fines associated with violating the law, they say they have “plenty of money." We know they do; they have “The Wallets."


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