The Clintons' Own IRS Scandal!

In 1996, Al Salvi appeared to be a tough opponent in a political race against Dick Durbin to fill an open Senate seat. Close to the election, Salvi was hit with charges of violating campaign laws and found himself on the defensive during the stretch run. After the election, an IRS agent went to Salvi and offered him a deal: promise to never run for office and the charges will be dropped. Salvi said no and found himself spending a significant portion to defend himself before a Federal Court threw the case out. The IRS agent's name was Lois Lerner.

Fast forward to 2010 when Dick Durbin, along with other Democratic Senators, asked the IRS to investigate conservative groups and it was Lois Lerner who took the lead. We don’t know if there was any further cooperation beyond that since two years of emails have magically disappeared, but it is interesting to note two names, Durbin and Lerner. There is a third name to consider, Clinton. The Salvi case occurred during the Clinton Administration and in subsequent interviews, Salvi observed that conservative groups were given extra attention from the IRS during this time.

The IRS scandal is a dagger aimed at the heart of Democracy. The lack of interest by the media and the lack of serious effort to investigate by the Department of Justice is more than troubling; it shows the corruption of both institutes. What is important about this story is to understand that Lerner is nothing more than hatchet woman for the Democrats within the IRS, and it has become obvious she is not the only one. For two decades Lerner has done the Democratic bidding while corrupting what should be a neutral organization.

There is another angle to consider: Can Hillary be trusted to have a more transparent IRS than the present administration? Hillary once talked of the Right wing conspiracy, leaving one to imagine that there is a paranoid side to Hillary. Hillary, unlike her husband who was a masterful politician, is not a natural campaigner and there are times that she can be combative with interviewers who dare to question her. The question is whether her talk of Right wing conspiracy was only statement for the base or something she actually believes in. If it is the latter, and I suspect that it is, then a Hillary Clinton Administration would follow the lead of this administration when using the IRS against her political opponents. She knows she can get away with it because the majority of media ignored the present IRS scandal and compliant media would be just as willing to ignore a similar scandal in a Clinton Administration. The present administration has also learned that when in doubt, destroy the evidence and make sure your Attorney General ignores any request for an independent investigator. It also means you can hire a partisan hack for your Attorney General whose job is to cover your crime, just as Holder has done for Obama.

If you wanted yet another reason not to vote for Clinton, this would be one. As the Salvi incident showed, the present IRS scandal is not just an isolated incident but part of what the Democratic Party has evolved into, a Party willing to use the bureaucratic state to punish opponents. The Clintons did it in the 90’s and Obama is doing it now. Hillary Clinton would be as much a threat to political free speech as Obama is now!


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