Name That Democrat Sneaking Out the Door!

Yesterday, Texas GOP Vote blogged about the Democrats in the Oversight Committee boycotting a vote on whether or not to subpoena the documents related to the Friends of Angelo program.

Thirty-three people were counted sneaking out the back exit. Lets see if we can name them all! Texas GOP Vote has started the list by naming the Congressmen in the order they sneak out. We challenge you to help us fill in the missing slots with the names of the Democratic Congressman and their staffers. Also, does anyone know who that man is that appears to be escorting the boycotting Dems out?

Have a look at the video below and compare it to this list of the Democrats on the Oversight Committee (click on each name to see the Representatives picture) and see how many you can match up! If you are able to fill in more of the slots, please comment to let us know! So far these slots have been filled in:

  1. Representative Paul Hodes, New Hampshire
  2. Representative Chris Murphy, Connecticut
  3. Representative Dennis Kucinich, Ohio
  4. ?
  5. Representative John Tierney, Massachusetts
  6. Representative Chris Van Hollen, Maryland
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. Representative Peter Welch, Vermont
  10. ?
  11. ?
  12. ?
  13. ?
  14. Representative Danny Davis, Illinois
  15. Representative Steve Driehaus, Ohio
  16. ?
  17. ?
  18. Representative Diane Watson, California
  19. ?
  20. ?
  21. Representative Paul Kanjorski, Pennsylvania
  22. ?
  23. ?
  24. ?
  25. Representative William Lacy Clay, Missouri
  26. ?
  27. ?
  28. ?
  29. ?
  30. Representative Elijah Cummings, Maryland
  31. Representative Stephen Lynch, Massachusetts
  32. ?
  33. Representative Jim Cooper, Tennesee


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