New GOP Senate Majority an Opportunity to Work Together

What happened on November the 4th was the beginning of an opportunity, an opportunity we have, working together, to restore faith in our democratic institutions, to restore strong growth to our economy and to restore a sense of purpose and principle to U.S. foreign policy.

Starting with the incoming Majority Leader, my good friend, the senior Senator from Kentucky, Republicans have been entrusted by our fellow citizens to lead this chamber next year. We understand that the American people sent a strong message on November 4th that they were enormously frustrated by what they saw as dysfunction in the state of affairs here in Washington, D.C., and we understand why they are eager for new leadership and a new direction.

Now, I know that Republicans and Democrats will continue to have policy disagreements. Nobody is suggesting that's not going to happen, but this is the place where those get debated, where they get voted on, and where majorities will actually pass legislation and send them to President Obama.

Dysfunction is not the only choice we have, and now that that's been rejected by the voters, resoundingly, we know a change is in order. The American people have demanded it and they deserve it, and they will get it.




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