TexasGOPVote Blogger Endorsements: Ten Reasons Why I Support Allen Weh for United States Senate

Dear friends,

Please excuse this rare, personal pitch for another candidate.

As you all know, the United States Senate is vital to maintaining the integrity and sovereignty of the United States of America. Barack Obama’s agenda is one that is inconsistent with the values of conservatives like you and me.

This year we conservatives have a real good chance at picking up several Senate seats. The chances are so great that the other party is worried, real worried. Thus, I think the question really becomes, “How large of a majority can the Republicans obtain in the Senate?” Keep in mind that the simple majority will not be enough to hold back the “Progressive” agenda of Obama. We must have a solid “Conservative” corps of United States Senators.

That is why, I am writing to you now.

Nancy and I have personally supported several conservative candidates for the United States Senate for this election cycle. However, there is only one that I have personally known for the last dozen years or so and that is Allen Weh.

Allen Weh is a conservative candidate for the United States Senate in New Mexico. Below are just 10 of the many reasons why I support Allen in his quest to become a United States Senator.

#10 Allen Weh is a fiscal conservative. Since Tom Udall was first elected to Congress in 1999, the federal deficit has grown from $5.6 trillion to $17.5 trillion. In 2013, for the first time, our Gross Domestic Product was exceeded by our deficit spending. Almost every economist agrees that this level of deficit spending is unsustainable. Allen Weh will fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and work to ensure that government never spends more than it takes in.

#9 Allen Weh supports our Second Amendment rights! Tom Udall is a consistent opponent of individual gun owner rights. Most recently, Udall voted to ratify the UN Treaty that would have ceded certain gun rights to UN control. Like most Republicans, Independents and common-sense-thinking Democrats, Allen Weh believes that the average citizen has the freedom to possess and use whatever weapons they want. Allen has an “AQ” rating from the NRA. The AQ rating is the highest possible score a non-incumbent candidate can receive from the NRA. In 2002, 2004 and 2006, prior to Udall’s vote to support the UN treaty, as New Mexico’s Congressman, Udall’s score with the NRA was a “D -.” (According to the NRA, a “D” grade means 'An anti-gun candidate who usually supports restrictive gun control legislation and opposes pro-gun reforms. Regardless of public statements, they can usually be counted on to vote wrong on key issues.”)

# 8 Allen Weh is not a career politician. Tom Udall has been in elective office and a full-time government politician for the past 24 years—such a long time with so little benefit to show for New Mexico. Ask yourself this: “Am I better off now because of something that Tom Udall has actively done as my representative either in New Mexico or D.C.?” For me, the answer is a resounding, “No!” Washington desperately needs Allen Weh’s common-sense, real-world perspective.

# 7 Allen Weh is a successful independent businessman and entrepreneur. In 1979, Allen risked his entire savings of $25,000 and signed for a loan from Albuquerque National Bank for another $25,000 in order to start his own company. CSI Aviation Inc., is an international air support and aviation logistics company that has employed hundreds of people. In 2012, Allen was named one of New Mexico’s Top Performing CEOs by New Mexico Business Weekly. Tom Udall has never run a private business much less held a private sector job in at least the last 35 years.

# 6 Allen Weh will secure our borders and enforce our laws. The current do-nothing approach by Tom Udall and the Washington politicians is unacceptable and is the leading cause of the current growing crisis on our southern border. Allen supports an aggressive new emphasis on securing our border using fences, boots on the ground, drones, and other high-tech methods. He opposes amnesty. He supports a workable guest worker program. And he will fight to eliminate the roadblocks that are currently hindering law enforcement and the border patrol.

# 5 Allen Weh supports the Oil and Gas Industry and the jobs it creates for New Mexicans. New Mexico’s private economy is driven by the oil and gas industry and Tom Udall has done nothing to encourage its development. In fact, Udall continues to push extremist environmentalist positions that prevent drilling in areas that can be drilled in an ecologically safe and prudent manner.

# 4 Allen Weh is a combat veteran with 38 years of service in the United States Marine Corps. He enlisted at the age of 17, was deployed four times and over the course of his service earned three Purple Hearts. The United States is proud of her veterans; however, only ONE member (that’s 1 of 100 Senators folks!) of the U.S. Senate is a combat veteran. Don’t our veterans deserve better representation than just one representative? I certainly think so.

# 3 Allen Weh is Pro-Life and Pro-family. Tom Udall has received a 100% score from the liberal group NARAL and a 0% from the National Organization for marriage. His extreme views are out of touch with mainstream New Mexicans. Allen Weh’s faith teaches him that every human being is created in the image of God.

# 2 Allen Weh is committed to the First Amendment. Tom Udall recently introduced an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would re-write the First Amendment and impede the right of citizens to donate to political candidates and groups. I think that Udall is a hypocrite since he is the 3rd largest recipient of donations from radial, left-leaning environmentalist groups. Further, Udall has raised more than a million dollars more from places that do not share New Mexico values like Washington, New York and Boston.

# 1 This race is winnable with the proper funding. There have been several polls conducted since the first of June that test the Udall-Weh race. Despite having his name consistently on the New Mexico ballot for the last quarter century and despite the aggressive campaign spending presence in the state, (Tom Udall’s campaign has spent more than $2.2 million since he announced for re-election late last year. Source: Federal Election Commission. )Tom Udall consistently remains under 50%. Further, surveys reveal that the margin of difference is as small as 5% and at most 9%. In the latest CBS poll, Udall received 47% of the favorable responses while Weh received 40%. Friends, this means Udall is beatable!

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