Thank YOU Liberal News Media!

I never thought I would say this, but today…. it gives me great pleasure to say thank you to the liberal news media for your intensely biased relentless attacks on Chris Christie.

Yes, you have been extremely negligent in your journalistic responsibilities regarding your coverage of Benghazi, the IRS scandals, etc, however, just this once, I am actually relieved that your biased focus and scrutiny on conservatives actually backfired.

The liberal media, by pouncing on Christie, just did the Conservative movement a HUGE favor by getting an undesirable off the table that the establishment Republican party was shoving down our throats.

Christie was NOT our man… nope… He was the establishment’s guy… You know… the establishment GOP that is so out of touch with true Conservatives today that Americans are jumping from the GOP ship like it was the Titanic.

I’m relieved. Christie’s close ties with Islamic militants removed him from my list of contenders YEARS AGO.


Now… Would the establishment GOP just back off and let Conservative Americans have our party back so can we get some true conservative men or women in office to start turning this country around?

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