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The select committee is the latest attempt by Congress to look into the Jan. 6 insurrection and what led up to it. 
I joined Senate Republicans in a letter to President Biden urging him to abandon his effort to impose a capital gains tax increase on family-owned businesses, farms, and ranches.
The Protecting Life on College Campuses Act is about guarding young college women and their unborn children from the predatory abortion industry’s radical and reckless push for universal access to abortions.
I believe the Senator from New York wants this vote to fail because he really wants to go the partisan route; namely, the big, ugly, multitrillion-dollar spending spree that Bernie Sanders and others have been advocating....
We ask our military servicemembers to take on nearly impossible tasks, spend time away from their families, and, if necessary, make the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country. In return, we make a solemn commitment to...
An estimated 1.84 million Americans turned down work to stay on the Biden administration's jobless bonus payroll, according to Morning Consult's latest poll.
The Agency’s attempt to explain itself thus far has only raised more questions that Mr. Carlson and every citizen of this country deserve to have answered. 
As the Republican Leader on the Appropriations Committee, I successfully fought for funding that is vital to Texas’ 12th Congressional district’s national security and local defense jobs.
It is time the department return to full staffing levels and address the passport processing delays.
The following is DACA recipient Dr. Manuel Bernal Mejia's testimony from the June 15 Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing on the American Dream and Promise Act of 2021.
We need to stop the politicization of the Department of Defense and keep our Armed Forces focused on their goal of defending our national security. The Restoring Military Focus Act is an important and necessary step to push...
The Crime Victims Fund brings justice to survivors, and victims, and families in the wake of serious trauma. This legislation will protect the solvency and the longevity of that fund and reverse the devastating funding cuts...
The budget seemingly attacks the fossil fuel industry in the United States and prohibits funding port projects connected to fossil fuels. If the language is implemented, it could halt all current work on several port...
This legislation reforms the ESA to deliver reasonable, common-sense protections for endangered species while preventing overbearing regulations coming from Washington, DC.
This bipartisan bill restores an expired tax incentive allowing developers to fully deduct the costs of environmental remediation of brownfields in the year the costs were incurred.
I spoke during the markup to highlight how crucial it is to ensure that federal taxpayer dollars are not used to fund abortion procedures.
It’s clear that there were catastrophic failures at multiple levels of law enforcement, including federal agents who should’ve taken action and willfully neglected to do so.
It is an important priority for me to make sure veterans are taken care of and that they receive the same quality of care in modern facilities as we see in the private sector.
Former President Donald Trump during a keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas Sunday vowed to “secure our borders, stop left-wing cancel culture, restore fair elections,” and “make America...
As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I recently issued the following statement on two U.S. Supreme Court decisions affirming election integrity and First Amendment rights.



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