Remember in November: Vote Out Texas Democrats!

I was sent the following message from Cathie Adams, Chair of the Republican Party of Texas

Dear Norman,

The Democrats succeeded in ramming their health care takeover bill through the House late Sunday night. In spite of the fact that a clear majority of the American people opposed it, the bill passed by a narrow, partisan margin and will become law once President Obama signs it. This extreme bill will raise taxes, will stifle medical innovation, will bust state, federal and municipal budgets, and is, as Nancy Pelosi gleefully promises, but the beginning of what the statists in the Democratic Party want to do to American life.

But this is not the end of the fight. It is not even the beginning of the end of the fight. It is the end of the beginning. And we must prevail.

Texas will lead the fight to overturn Obamacare so that we can get real market-based reforms enacted. And Texas will lead the fight to restore our Constitutional freedoms. Attorney General Greg Abbott is already on the case and Texas will be party to a 10-state lawsuit that will challenge the constitutionality of Obamacare before the ink on the president's signature is even dry. The days of Democrats thumbing their noses at the 59% of Americans who opposed Obamacare must come to an end.

Nancy Pelosi pushed for this arrogant, leftwing expansion of government power and she must be fired as Speaker of the House. As a Texan, the best thing you can do to fire Pelosi is to vote every Texas Democrat out of Congress. Reps. Chet Edwards, Ciro Rodriguez, Solomon Ortiz, Gene Green, Lloyd Doggett and Henry Cuellar are all Texas Democrats whose presence in Congress empowers Nancy Pelosi. Fire them, and you fire her. If you are angry now at what the Democrats have done, remember in November. And vote.

We have great candidates set to run against all of these Pelosi Democrats. Support them and vote for them. We need your help to help these great Republican candidates win in November. Please support the Republican Party of Texas as we fight to roll back Obamacare and defeat the rest of the radical Democrat agenda - cap and trade, amnesty, destruction of free speech via the unFairness Doctrine, and their other statist dreams. If we don't stop them, they will try to export their leftwing agenda to our state. Do you want to stand by and allow them to do this?

Your gift to the Republican Party of Texas will help us fire these Texas Democrats even as we defend our state from the next phase of the Democrats' plans, which according to a recently leaked memo, is an all-out assault on our majority in the Texas House. Your gift will help us fight for every vote in targeted districts and across the rest of the Lone Star State. Your gift will help us help you defend Texas' freedom and way of life and preserve Texas for the next generation of Texans.

The Democrats are cheering today, but Texas will not be silent. Remember in November, and please contribute to your Republican Party of Texas now.

For Texas and for Freedom,

Cathie Adams


The age of a newly elected representative riding off into the sunrise to never be heard from but at their leisure, should be long gone.  However, in this contemporary age of technology, we still hear from our representation when they deem necessary or advantageous.  Interaction with constituents should be one of the most significant portions of any representative’s job and should occur during the entire length of their duty.  Is not the elective official granted the privilege of being the voice of the people, for the people with the State’s best interest and the best interest of the citizenry?  I am deeply saddened that we, the people, have accepted communication at our representative’s convenience and their leisure, and usually around campaign times.


If we have eyes to see, can we not perceive the pointlessness of party system candidates raising colossal amounts of money to spend like party confetti to broadcast their fiscal responsibility?  In this national economic misfortune, millions of green backs will be reduced to ashes to program our minds to instinctively elect the most overused name.  If we have ears to hear, can we not listen to the reckless pleas of ‘more money needed’ by party politicians with intent to secure a job which requires responsible spending of our money?  Our current party leadership spends money we don’t have to save money and our alternative party counters with a “money bomb” to DC directed by their national chairman?


Is it odd to argue which political system is least corrupt at the moment?  Is it witty, through discussion, to then squabble over which of these system supporting candidates are best funded, or least dishonest, or most conventional, or farthest from everyday people, or furthermost from responsible spending, or strictest in Constitutional values?  Would it not be easier to actually have a responsible conventional candidate that will stand for the people over the party and the system?


Why should it be a surprise to anyone that we are a country that is exceedingly overspent, indebted to ourselves and others and is on the edge of calamity?  Why do we, the people that control our government by individual votes, continue to empower the systems that have molested our innocence?  Shall we be impacted enough when we must explain the meaning of the words on a greeting card, to our children, that state “I care about you?”  I am sleepless with our overconfidence and superciliousness as a nation.  We constantly preach system politics and wonder why our trained and rehearsed politicians side with their party and the corruption of the system over the will of the people.  A favorable stand of an issue usually leads to an unacceptable and devastating blow of another.


To think, research and study should not be a lost art.  The provocative sleight of hand should not be allowed to endanger our future.  A legal entity, congress, that can obliterate our heritage and then campaign against its own deeds at our expense, should not be accepted, let alone encouraged.  Wouldn’t it be nice to once again have a candidate from the people, for the people and by the people?  I am Jesse Holland and implore all concerned citizens to stand forward with a roaring voice in support of our Constitutional Republic.  Without exorbitant bundles of money, I offer videos, writings, Weblogs and educational information.  I am easily found online.



Jesse Holland

United States Senate Candidate


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