Campaigns in High Gear

Campaigns across Texas are in high gear as we race to the victory line that is the November 2nd election day. On Saturday, 9/11, I stopped in on a few Houston area campaigns to see how things are going and found some very exciting races you need to be aware of if they aren't on your RADAR screen at this time.

I found Houston Deputy Fire Chief and Texas Legislative District 148 Republican Candidate Fernando Herrera on a fire truck of all places. Not one of Houston's trucks mind you, but an antique Bellaire fire truck that was entered in the 42nd Annual Fiestas Patrias International Parade in downtown Houston. Dozens of Herrera's Political First Responders joined with Fernando and Mellissa Herrera to celebrate the event and take the message to the people of Houston. After the parade, the Herrera campaign moved on to a fundraiser event, not for his campaign, but for a cancer patient. Herrera reminds us all, that no matter how busy you are, you must still find time to give back to those in need.

Also in the parade was District Clerk Republican Candidate Chris Daniel! Chris is working this county wide race very hard. I can't think of a political event I have been to this year where Chris wasn't in attendance. If he works half as hard for the people of Harris County as he has during this campaign we will be very well served!

Following the parade, we checked in on another candidate who is in an excellent position to help Conservatives reshape the Texas Legislature. Sarah Davis is poised to expand the Republican Conservative majority in the Texas House in the State Representative District 134 race! During the opening of her campaign office in Bellaire, Davis paused to remember those who died in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and to pray for all of our service members who are serving today. They campaign office opening was attended by over 100 volunteers including the Honorable Dr. Martha Wong, the former State Representative from this district. As evidenced by the wide ranges of ages and ethnicity of the audience, Davis is enjoying a broad base of support for her campaign.

Davis and Herrera's races are certainly two of the best upsets in the making in Texas politics at this time. These two races give us the opportunity to unseat two of the most liberal Democrats in the Texas Legislature and replace them with real Conservatives! Please take a close look at these candidates and the races they are running. Both have a great shot at taking these seats and serving us, the Conservative voters of Texas!


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