Could We Be Saying Good-Bye to the Ground Zero Mosque?

Monday, Bill O'Reilly brought to light that a longtime partner of Imam Rauf, Faiz Khan, believes the 9/11 terror attacks were "an inside job" by the U.S. government. Bill O'Reilly thinks this may be a big enough issue to get the Ground Zero mosque moved. He explained Tuesday:


Radical Muslims killed more than 2,000 people at Ground Zero. Unless the Muslim community center is dedicated to condemning that mass murder, which it is not, then there is no reason for it to be so close to the kill zone.
But "Talking Points" is now ready to predict that a compromise will be reached, and the community center mosque project will be moved. There is simply too much scrutiny, and Imam Rauf will not hold up under it. As always, I could be wrong.
What I am correct about is that the entire controversy has damaged Muslim-American relations, and nothing good comes from that. Most Muslim-Americans are good people and citizens, and they should not be lumped in with zealots or misguided men like Imam Rauf.
Time to put an end to this mosque controversy business, imam, unless you want to fully explain your associations and motives to someone who is not in the tank for you.


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