Pete Sessions Statement on Osama bin Laden’s Death

Justice has met evil. Osama bin Laden’s death marks the triumph of freedom over unspeakable violence, hate, and tyranny. Osama bin Laden will remain in the ash heap of history as a world terrorist who could not escape the relentless justice of the United States.

The terror of 9/11 was matched by the heroism and goodness of the American people, and the memory of over 3,000 innocent lives lost that day will always remain etched into our hearts and minds. The tireless work and sacrifice of our military and intelligence professionals brought justice for 9/11 families, our nation, and the world, and we owe them a debt of gratitude.

While a new day has dawned without Osama bin Laden, his hate-filled extremism still poisons minds and destroys lives around the world. Eliminating a terrorist leader is a victory – not an end – in the war against terror, and we must always remain vigilant in defending the freedom, security, and prosperity of America for generations to come.


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