Right vs. Left

When Republicans have competitive primaries, they are called Civil Wars; when Democrats have competitive primaries, they are called primaries.

The hate crime dealing with a crazed manic attacking a Muslim turned out to be in a left wing pro-mosque group, but the Tea Party still gets blamed.

A holocaust victim gets cursed out and no one seems to be bothered.

In Missouri, a former staffer of leftist politician Russ Carnahan firebombs his former boss's office and the Tea Party gets blamed.

Has anyone noticed over the past year that most, if not all, of the political violence has been caused by the left and the Tea Party gets blamed?

Want to take a bet on how much attention mainstream media will have on the crazed nut case left winger who attacked a Muslim?


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SOOO, you just proclaim he is from a left wing group, and that is suppose to be SO?   No credibility in the GOP I see.

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