Who's the Extremist?

Here is a thought. Mr. Daily Kos has written a book about how conservatives are like the Taliban (even though the survey company he depended upon, he fired after finishing the book because they provided him with bad data for a few years on a wide range of issues and polls but that's another story), but who is supporting the Sharia minded Imam in charge of the proposed Mosque and who isn’t?

Many of the left have been not just supportive of the Ground Zero mosque, but they have been hoping that the mosque actually gets built. (It should be pointed out that most of the Ground Zero mosque opponents have not denied the right of Muslims to build mosques or even this one from a legal perspective but have asked for a little sensitivity while requesting the mosque to be moved to another location.)

Here is the bottom line, those Taliban loving conservatives are opposed to a mosque that will most likely be funded by radical Islamist overseas or here, run by a Imam who is for Sharia law that calls for execution of gays and individuals accused of adultery. Adherence to Sharia law conflicts with the foundation of Western law and the right of individuals.

Bottom line, the left from Daily Kos to Obama (well, in the case of Obama, it depends upon which day it is whether or not he supports the mosque); the left is supporting the most extreme elements of radical Islam. So who is like the Taliban? Hey Daily Kos, it is you guys that are supporting the more radical elements and it is the American people, who are standing for decency and freedom.


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