Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.): $726,409 in Airport Goodies For Michigan

Congressman Bart Stupak shows that he’s not only “easy,” he’s cheap, too.

After months of huffing and puffing and playing the “hero of the unborn children role” to the hilt, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) gave it up to the Queen Mum Pelosi and the Great Prevaricator.

After all these months refusing to approve a national health care bill which allows federal funding of abortions, Stupak was the drunk cheerleader in the back of the Obama team bus because the president signed a piece of paper. It’s not a legal amendment to the health care bill, and can be rescinded any time, but Bart feels better.

Congressman “B.S.” also just announced he’s getting $726,409 from the Deficiter-in-Chief for airport goodies in Michigan.

It gets better. It turns out someone was rolling tape on one of Stupak’s town hall speeches last year, and guess what? Stupak was lying all along about being a “pro-life Democrat.” He was pro-life and endorsed by the Michigan Right to Life organization to get elected, but that was THEN.

Meet Dan Benishek who is a Republican running in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan against Congressman Bart Stupak. Here is Benishek’s Facebook page to make a donation. Several hundred people joined him today.


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