Rep. Lozano Switches Parties to the GOP

I am happy to welcome Rep. Lozano to the Republican Party. Like an ever-increasing number of Hispanics across Texas and the country, he has come face to face with the realization that his values and his priorities are best represented by Republicans who share them, as opposed to Democrats who take them for granted. While he was elected as a Democrat, Representative Lozano realized that his views as a Hispanic, pro-life, pro-oil small business owner would be better served as a Republican. Representative Lozano is another example of a Hispanic whose views are not what the mainstream media believes his ethnicity should dictate.

This is a man who, after much self-reflection, has acknowledged that his and his new constituents’ deeply held beliefs are no longer being represented by the Democratic party. Although he identified as a Democrat last Session, his voting record was mostly conservative. The recent redistricting debate has shown me that there are still Democrats who believe Hispanics as a whole will always be better represented by a Democrat. As a Hispanic who is pro-life and pro-oil, Representative Lozano is another politician who disproves that myth. I know all my Republican colleagues join me in welcoming J.M. to our side of the aisle and look forward to working with him.


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