Southeast Texas Father Heroically Saves 350lb Stranger from Fiery Car Accident

Here are Pictures of the Tragic accident. You can see the Cement Truck where my dad pulled the man away from

Saturday morning (9/24/11) my father, Mike Bellow from Lumberton, TX, was driving down a winding Texas highway near Devers, TX/Raywood, TX. The sun was coming up in his rear view mirror and was bright red. He was driving behind a concrete truck filled with a full load.

As they passed around a curve, a truck driving on the opposite direction did not turn around the curve and crashed straight into the concrete truck. He possibly could not see because of the rising sun. The smaller truck and the cement truck seemed to disintegrate on impact. There was nothing recognizable of either vehicle.

My father swerved into the grass to avoid the accident. The smaller truck was not recognizable as a truck and was on fire. The person in that smaller truck had surely died on impact. My father believed that the driver of the concrete truck was surely dead as well.

My young brother, Stephen, was in the car with my father. He asked if everyone was okay. My father told him that the people in the cars had died. That is when my brother pointed to the accident and asked, “what about that guy in the big truck?”

Sure enough, the driver of the concrete truck was still alive. My father did not even turn his car off. He jumped out and ran as fast as he could to the cement truck.

The man in the concrete truck was over 350 pounds and could not move because of broken legs and hips.

The smaller truck was on fire and was exploding. My father was standing in a pool of extremely flammable fuel and 6 inches of cement. It was only a matter of time before the concrete truck went up in flames.

With no concern of his own safety, and injuring his back in the process, my father heroically, and with seemingly super strength, dragged this 350lb man through diesel and cement and away from the burning vehicle and pools of fuel. They were both covered in fuel and blood and the man that my father was dragging begged to be taken further away from the fire so my dad drag gedhim even further away, into the grass.

It is not known what the condition is of the man that my father saved, but one thing is certain, my father is a hero and did not think of his own life as he saved the life of another. My prayers are with this man that he recovers, and I thank God for allowing my father to be in the position to, and giving him the bravery to help this man.


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