Discovery Channel Hostage Taker was Serious About Anchor Babies

James Lee was fatally shot after taking hostages at the Discovery Channel building. He wanted to make a point to the world about Anchor babies. What is very disturbing to me is that this man's written platform to the world exemplifies the same type of rationale that is driving a new strain of dangerous dehumanization, and it has found its useful idiots within those I debate on the 14th amendment resolution issue.

Lord Acton stated once that "few discoveries are more irritating than those that expose the pedigree of ideas." I have made it very clear that any attempt to push for a 14th Amendment resolution by a state such as Arizona would be met with fierce oppposition by me. I have every reason to be biased, for I myself am a former anchor baby. There is something chilling in the language and rheoteric of those who claim to be conservative while pushing for a 14th Amendment resolution such as the one that Russell Pearce is proposing. To hear Jan Brewer, Lindsay Graham and others use the words "dropping babies" is utter stupidity because for years the environmentalist extremists have been using the same talking points in their rationale for zero population growth policies and their accusations of Americans tending to be speciests or anthropocentric.

James Lee's words written on his website and shared with NBC news before being taken out by local police is exactly the same type of gutter level chatter we are confronting within our own party. I invite you to seriously consider reading his message to the world and ask yourself, will NBC share with the world what he said? The entire conversation still has not been revealed, and it will be interesting to see what the media will use as reasons for Lee's actions.

While we wait to see how the media will frame James Lee's narrative and spin his association with extreme enviromentalism, his desperate writings explain where the term "anchor baby" comes from. What once was referred to as our "posterity" in the Declaration of Independence, is now worded as "dropping babies." While the media focuses on the "eco-rant" of James Lee, ask yourself, is this a terror act from a man who was an extremist of an emerging cult or pseudo-religion? Or was he just plain crazy? Either way, why are some "Republicans" willing to use the same talking points as James Lee?

Click here to view James Lee's list of demands.


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Temo, unfortunately, many people are confused and don't realize that "anchor babies" are legal.  You're very correct.  Under the 14th Amendment, anyone that is born in this country is a citizen.


But also very unfortunate is the fact that while anchor babies may be legal, their parents still are not.  I think this fact is why people are so critical of anchor babies.  It's not necessarily a child's responsibility to make sure they're born in a certain country, but that doesn't make what their parents do legal.


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