A Message from Israel

A woman Ive come to know, Liba, who lives in the United States has a son David who lives in Jerusalem with his wife Dalia and children Shai, Adi, and Tomer. They live a few blocks away from the parents of Ruth Fogel. Ive pasted her note to me below as she sent it so you can delight in the way Liba expresses herself. I have come to know and love her. I have spoken to her son David. He is in the Israel service. I have also included this beautiful video from Israel with Tamar Fogel, the 12-year-old who came home to find her family murdered, that Liba sent me.

to david feuerstein’s friends and admirers,
speaking w/ david, dalia, shai, adi, tomer last night, i learned they visited the Fogel orphans at the childrens grandparents home...ruth fogels parents... shai informed me he and adi bring the surviving children toys...often. davids description of these brave parents taking in children of their slaughtered daughter is gut wrenching.......... they live a coupla blocks away from feuerstein’s in the arnona area of jerusalem..........
growing up in israel, my grandchildren learn what it means to be jewish...............
you can imagine the great pain of abandonment not only by parents disappearance but also ...abandonment by world and especially by their co-religionists in usa.
a posting from davids mother...........

Additionally, below is a song written about the Fogel Family tragedy:

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