Sen. Cornyn Statement On White House Denial Of Texas’ Disaster Declaration Request

Today, I issued the following statement regarding the Administration’s denial of Governor Rick Perry’s request for a federal disaster declaration for Texas. Senator and Hutchison and I have written twice in the past month to the Administration urging them to honor the Governor’s request.

When nearly 7,000 individual wildfires burn through more than 2.2. million acres, result in loss of life, and destroy homes, businesses, farms and ranches across the state, it’s hard to understand how these conditions don’t spell ‘disaster’ for this Administration. We’ve yet to enter the hottest months of the year and already wildfires have wreaked havoc in Texas – yet our state has not received sufficient federal disaster aid. I will not stop fighting until Texas receives its due attention from President Obama and his Administration.


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He is not the President of all the people or all of States of America and it seems he never plans to be. This reminds me of those Car Dealership Owners that had their businesses and reportedly their inventory was seized as well.  Come to find out it was only those who didn't financially support him or of his Political beliefs that he did this to. People may have forgotten this and numerous other things, but hopefully they will remember in 2012.  He has slapped us in the face by not giving Houston one of the Spaceships, knowing that everyone knows that saying "Houston...we've got a problem" and expected we would be the first one named to have one.  By not offering help now with the wild fire disaster to those who so desperately need help, just proves he is not the President of all of the People.

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