Trash Collectors to Serve as Eyes and Ears for the Police

Waste Management drivers, helpers and technicians in Rensselaer and Albany Counties recently got training in mobile community watch.

"They're on these routes every day so they're used to the normal situation so they are able to recognize a non-normal situation," explains Ken Bevis of Waste Management. Trucks are now armed with a cell phone, camera and incident reports so they'll have accurate information for police and, possibly, prosecutors.

...The extra set of eyes and ears in the street is appreciated because even cops know they can't be everywhere, all the time.
"The old adage is 'where's a cop when you you need one?' Now it will be where's a cop or DGS or Waste Management when you need one," says Albany Police Chief Steve Krokoff.

Is this program a helpful lookout for the community or spies for big brother? Should Texas implement a program like this? What's your opinion?


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