U.S. To Resume Giving Massive Foreign Aid to Egypt

The U.S. State Department announced Friday that the USA will resume its massive foreign aid giveaway of $1.5 Billion to Egypt. Since Congress passed a law in December prohibiting funding unless the State Department certifies that Egypt is making progress on basic democratic freedoms, it would seem that this action is being taken contrary to this congressional directive. Does anyone really believe that Egypt is progressing towards democracy just because they removed a dictator and are now in the process of replacing this dictator with a Theocracy?

Why do I say that Egypt is not progressing towards democracy? The answer lies in the actions of the Egyptian people when they elected a parliament consisting of a huge majority of the Muslim Brotherhood party. Democracy is the farthest thing from the thinking of the Muslim Brotherhood, a fundamentalist Islamic party that fully intends to implement Sharia law and to terminate the existing treaty between Israel and Egypt. The official creed of the Muslim Brotherhood is:

  • God is our objective;
  • the Quran is our constitution; 
  • the Prophet is our leader; 
  • jihad is our way; 
  • and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations

Does this sound like a Democratic party that the U.S.A should be supporting with its foreign aid?

The State Department has withheld the over $1.5 Billion in foreign aid originally allocated for Egypt while waiting to see if Egypt was moving towards democracy. Now that the Muslim Brotherhood is firmly in control, how can the State Department possibly conclude that Egypt is moving toward democracy? They cannot!

So why is the State Department Giving All This Money to Egypt?

It is unlikely that Secretary of State Clinton made this decision herself. It’s very likely that the decision comes directly from the White House, where it’s well known that Barack Obama’s strong affinity for Muslim countries and Muslim organizations, and his lack of support for Israel might well be the reason. A senior administration official defended the decision, saying it is essential to preserve the U.S.-Egypt relationship, but that is really a stretch.

Another aspect of this terrible decision to give away more than $1.5 Billion to Egypt is that the United States can’t afford to spend this money. Every dollar that the USA gives away to a foreign country, friend or foe, is a dollar that we have to borrow from China or is a dollar that we have to print. We are running a $1.3 Trillion deficit every year with no end in sight. This country is bankrupt. We can no longer afford these giveaway programs, especially when substantial portions of this money go to unfriendly countries. There is no doubt in my mind that Egypt will become an unfriendly country under the leadership of its new Muslim Government.

Let’s hope that Congressional leaders will vigorously oppose this move by the State Department today. Furthermore, Congress needs to take a serious look at the entire foreign aid budget. It time for the USA to stop squandering money it doesn’t have on a bunch of countries that are mostly unfriendly to the USA and its allies.

Most of all, it’s time to get rid of those in Congress who are constantly supporting foreign aid, and it is certainly time to replace our pro-Muslim president with the Republican nominee this year!


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