Results for Congressional District 18 between Sheila Jackson Lee and John Faulk

Results for the 18th Congressional District of the Texas General Election between Democratic incumbent Sheila Jackson Lee and Republican John Faulk:

Candidate Percentage
Sheila Jackson Lee (Democrat incumbent)       
John Faulk (Republican)  27%

Precincts reporting: 100%



The 18th district got what they paid for. An ignorant, self-serving, English challenged representative who believes in entitlements for herself and her constituents. Those of who work for a living will have to again pay for those who don't.

It's just incredible how the same mistake can be made time and time again!  Theses voters either don't watch tv or they're 'in' on the gravy train and don't want it to stop even though it will lead to the bankruptcy of this nation!  I seriously doubt if China will allow them to live off the government after they take over!

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