Rick Perry: Boogeyman AND Superman?

While most everyone in Texas was freezing last week (and this week), Governor Rick Perry was in California to celebrate President Ronald Reagan’s centennial in addition to promoting Texas’ friendly business environment. Texas Democrats, however, were not amused. For some reason, liberals feel that governors need to always be here in the state holding our hands when something suddenly goes wrong. Such was the case when a blizzard slammed New Jersey in late December, and liberals demanded that Governor Chris Christie somehow come back home, despite the fact that the whole state was basically frozen over, including airports. This is similar to what happened here in Texas earlier this month; liberals are never content with Republicans in control (regardless of what they are doing) and in their never–ending complaining somehow manage to make Republican governors both a boogeyman and superman!

That’s a lot to expect of any governor, but it is pretty entertaining to hear how terrible governors like Rick Perry and Chris Christie are--yet they can somehow control the weather. Of course I understand that this is not the source of their criticism, but it definitely is what it sounds like at times. Nature is something that is completely outside of politics, but we need to trust our elected officials to have a competent team in place to deal with these situations when they do come up.

I’m not sure exactly what the proper response to any natural emergency is; it seems as if someone is always upset by the government’s response, but I do know that the government is not a necessity in such a situation. What would change if Governor Perry had returned from California in the middle of the winter storm? Did Democrats really expect that things would magically change once the governor returned? Wait--no, only Democrats have the power to magically fix a situation just by walking on the scene.

In the end, Mother Nature doesn’t care who our politicians are. Likewise we should stop trying to expect them to magically change the weather, but we should hold them accountable and expect that our local, state, and federal government have a plan in place to deal with natural emergencies and a team to carry out such a plan successfully.

*Originally posted on Empower Texans


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