The RNC Came to Big D to Support Stephen Broden for Congress

Conservatives are targeting at least 80 congressional seats at this point. We only need 39 to pick up a majority. One of these seats is the congressional seat for District 30. Stephen Broden is the person that District 30 of Dallas needs to get jobs and to improve the economy. Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting the tour bus of the Republican National Committee. On board was the Chairman of the RNC Michael Steele. After he entered the Bienvenidos Restaurant in Lancaster, he spent several minutes talking to the large group that had gathered to support our candidate for District 30 Stephen Broden. Stephen Broden is a true conservative that is ready to help lead the charge and bring integrity back to a district that has suffered and which was robbed of scholarship funds. Eddie Bernice Johnson has occupied that seat for eighteen long years; during which she brought shame and corruption to a district in desperate need of a brighter future with a higher education. By funneling twenty three scholarships worth more than thirty one thousand dollars to her family and friends, she destroyed the future of well deserving students looking for a chance at a good education. The people in the district also need jobs and the economy has suffered for so long because the bad decisions Eddie Bernice Johnson has made for her district.

While posing for a picture with Chairman Steele I was able to tell him that if the Republican Party would continue to endorse genuine Conservatives like Pastor Broden, we Conservatives will show up on Election Day and make it a long night for Washington Liberals. After Michael Steele spoke to the people in the importance of taking our country back and thanking them for supporting Stephen Broden, our group proceeded outside and the first thing that greeted us was a vision for our future and the answer to the prayers of millions of unemployed Americans; a great big red bus with the words “Need A Job? Fire Pelosi!”

Millions are without work, and Liberals have been making policies since 2006, and what do we have, a 9.7 percent unemployment rate. In the 2008 presidential election Obama defeated McCain with 57 percent of the vote compared to 42 percent won by McCain in Dallas County. In Dallas County the unemployment is around 8.5 percent. By following the RNC slogan, of firing Pelosi along with the other liberals that have put us in this mess we can come together and put into office true conservatives that can bring Texas back to the pre Obama unemployment rate of about 4.5 -5 percent, and that will be the change we can all believe in. Stephen Broden and his wife went inside the bus with Chairman Steele as they drove to the State Fair of Texas where the media received them for interviews.

Chairman Michael Steele said to the local news: Whether you are talking about a Nikki Haley in South Carolina... a Tim Scott... Pastor Broden here... there is a huge opportunity for us to show the other side of who we are and what we believe.

To Fire Nancy Pelosi as a speaker of the House we need to elect Republicans who care for the American People. To FIRE PELOSI we need to help Stephen Broden. Please donate to the Broden campaign at And if you live in District 30, VOTE FOR STEPHEN BRODEN FOR CONGRESS!

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