Is the RNC Still Relevant?

The departure of Michael Steele as Republican National Committee Chairman is a welcome change in leadership. Let us hope that the new Party Chair, Reince Priebus, will be successful in the task of digging the RNC out of the $22 million deficit and returning to the recruitment and support of conservatives who respect and support the Constitution.

It would be wise for the RNC to take a close look at the reasons for the decline in RNC donations.

Why Donors No Longer Contribute to the RNC

The RNC has a bad habit of jumping to support monetarily candidates who they think can win regardless of their left-leaning political views rather than supporting true constitutional conservative candidates who challenge establishment Republicans in the Primary elections. Good examples of this are:

  • When President George W. Bush supported the re-election bid of Senator Arlen Specter instead of conservative challenger, Patrick Toomey. Bush was joined in the Specter re-election effort by former Senator Rick Santorum. We witnessed the liberal Specter vote against conservative policies whenever they were offered. Fortunately in the most recent election, having to face the popular conservative Pat Toomey a second time, Specter jumped ship and became a Democrat (where he should have been all along) and lost in the Democrat Primary, paving the way for the election day victory of Pat Toomey. 
  • Then, the RNC jumped to endorse self-seeking Florida Governor Charlie Crist in the Senate Primary race against staunch conservative Republican, Marco Rubio. Crist’s comraderie with President Obama did not sit well with Florida Republicans. Seeing his impending defeat in the Republican Primary against Rubio, Crist jumped ship and ran as an Independent, resulting in a huge victory for Marco Rubio. Rubio is viewed as one of the brightest stars in the Republican Party. 
  • Conservative Republican Senatorial candidate, Christine O’Donnell, without help from the Republican establishment, won the Primary election over an entrenched RINO, Senator Mike Castle of Delaware. The National Senate Republican Campaign Committee and Delaware Republican Party had endorsed Castle and refused to support O’Donnell’s candidacy. O’Donnell’s political TV ad in which she declared she was not a ‘witch’ was the beginning of the end of her troubled campaign. Such a defensive ad is not smart and made her look weak. Had I been in her shoes, I would have taken the ‘witch’ issue as an opportunity to declare “If I WERE a witch, I would wave my magic wand restore constitutional government, and abolish Obamacare, Cap and Trade, Illegal Immigration and all of Obama’s czars.” With such an assertive approach she might have won had it not been for the liberal media, lack of Republican Party funding and the Karl Rove attacks.

Four of the Most Grievous Offenses of the RNC and Party PACs

  • Support for Dede Scozzafava in the New York District 23 Primary in 2009, who then endorsed the liberal Democrat in the race against the Tea Party Independent nominee;  
  • Lack of support for Scott Brown’s Senate race in 2010;  
  • Michael Steele’s statement in mid 2010 that Republicans could not win the House, and,  
  • The revelation that staffers were using RNC funds to pay for nights at strip clubs.

Will the Tea Party and other Conservatives Donate to the RNC Now?

I seriously doubt that small donors will trust the RNC unless a drastic swing to constitutional conservative candidate support is forthcoming. I, personally, do not contribute to the RNC because I prefer to donate directly to conservative candidates only. I do not want to take a chance that ‘politically correct’ or ‘establishment’ Republicans will be recipients of whatever I donate. We can expect big donors to expect something in return for their donations and I have not seen many conservative candidates on the receiving end of RNC, NRSCC, or NRCC campaign funds.

Every conservative must decide where best to invest their campaign donations as we approach the crucial 2012 presidential election. The defeat of Obama in 2012 is not a sure thing by a long shot. Conservatism, not Republicans, carried the day in November 2010. The wrong Republican presidential and/or senatorial nominees can lead to another disastrous defeat. The RNC members, Party Chair and the grassroots voters must be cautious when candidate endorsement time rolls around and campaign donation decisions are made.


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