To Russia with Love . . . and Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, too!

As this Powerline post demonstrates, President Obama’s trip to Russia gained us nothing and made it clear that the President will make a bargaining chip out of missile defense for our allies in Eastern Europe. 

In Honduras, Obama continues to side with our avowed enemies, Chavez, Castro, and Ortega.

In Iran, Obama has gone out of his way to speak softly and politely about the “Supreme Leader” while the tyrants shed blood in the streets.

This is “smart power?”

What Obama's behavior does is demonstrate weakness.  The Rogue’s Gallery of the world is now on notice that the President of the United States will do nothing to challenge or contain their ambitions.

If we ignore the plight of the people of Iran and those oppressed by these dictators, we might suppose that none of this opression matters to U.S. interests.

Weakness invites aggression. I fear that 2012 will not come soon enough.


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