Salamanders, Congressmen and You

Due to a practice started by an early Governor of Massachusetts, most of us will vote on November 2, but the truth is, most election outcomes are already mostly set concrete. Gov. Elbridge Gerry's creative drawing of Congressional voting districts such that his supporters would be more likely to win (by small margins), and shoving most of his opponents into a single salamander shaped district (i.e. "gerrymandering") has of course been elevated to a combination of art and science today. It is certainly still important to vote, but what else can be done to bring the country back from the abyss of socialism-Marxism, and ultimately, Totalitarianism?

The VAST MAJORITY of you have never given to a political campaign in your life. You may have voted, you may have marched for Life, you may have prayed for the Country, you may have campaigned, but you have not helped pay for signs, bumper stickers, billboards, TV and radio ads, and other expenses necessary for candidates to win.

I was right there with you until a few years ago. The thought of sending money to a candidate in addition to donations to church and other worthy charities was difficult to entertain. However, it is now abundantly evident that without a political upheaval and renewal in our Land, the churches and charities themselves, and you and I, will end up with the government "boot on our necks". This “big government” administration, including Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and virtually all of the Democratic party office holders, have shown the willingness to do this already--multiple times.

This week or better TODAY, please pick a competitive race that YOU DO NOT GET TO VOTE FOR, and support the strong, honorable, conservative candidate. Nearly everyone can contribute as much as a restaurant meal. Most of you can contribute multiple times that. According to, both the House and Senate, and countless state and local races are close enough to overcome the gerrymandering this year. Your contribution to Freedom will help win these races!

Our Founders pledged their "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor". Sometimes they wrote of the costs of things in terms of "blood and treasure". Many of them lost family members, portions or all of, in some cases, vast fortunes, and their very lives. They preserved their honor and started a Country that changed the world. The least we can do is help support conservative Christians who are brave enough to have thrown their hat into the political lion’s den. You may not be able to vote for them, but they can vote for you!

This year is historic. The values of Christianity, the American Free Enterprise system and SMALLER and LIMITED government are CLEARLY pitted against those of Marxism, BIG GOVERNMENT and ultimately Totalitarianism. The VAST majority of people side with the former, but will they—will you—rise up and crush the socialists/Marxist of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Soros-Democratic party? Don't just watch this historic moment—Live it! Contribute to a race, campaign where you can, and VOTE STRAIGHT TICKET REPUBLICAN to rescue the Constitution and Country.

A few Texas races for you to consider helping in are listed below. Please pick one or all or some other that you know of, but please, do something to help. Look across state lines, too!

Texas State Board of Education District 1: Charlie Garza, who has honorably served twenty years in the military, and now continues to honorably serve as an educator, is pitted against a 22 year incumbent liberal Democrat who was just fined by the Texas Ethics Commission for accepting gifts from companies doing business with the Texas education system. Charlie Garza is a slight underdog in this winnable race. Please help Charlie Garza win.

Texas State Board of Education District 5: Stalwart conservative Ken Mercer, who has played a key role in solid gains by conservatives over the past four years, is under attack by the extreme left, led by the socialist, anti-Christian group deceptively named the Texas Freedom Network. Ken has a slight lead, but needs more resources. Please help Ken Mercer win.

Texas US Congress District 23: Conservative Francisco "Quico" Canseco is challenging long time liberal incumbent Democrat who has voted lockstep with the Democratic party leadership on bailouts, cap-and-trade taxes, massive spending increases, and even AGAINST TEXAS itself! This race is currently rated a “toss up” by observers. Please help Quico Canseco win.

Texas US Congress District 17: Conservative Bill Flores is challenging long time office holder Chet Edwards, a Democrat, who has managed to stay in office in this otherwise conservative district (that includes Waco and College Station) by always running as if he were a conservative, but when he gets in office his first vote will always be for Nancy Pelosi, and he almost always votes with the Democratic leadership when push comes to shove. Please help Bill Flores, who has a slight lead in the polls, secure this seat.

Texas US Congress District 30: Conservative Christian Pastor Stephen Broden was challenging long term and extreme left liberal Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson long before the scandal broke regarding the Democrat diverting donated money to relatives—some would suggest this was criminal behavior, or should be. So egregious was this—and Ms. Johnson continues to avoid taking responsibility—that even the Dallas Morning News is supporting challenger Pastor Broden. He is definitely an underdog, but momentum is building rapidly in this district to throw out the crooked politician he is challenging. Think Scott Brown, Christine O’Donnell, Marco Rubio, Joe Miller, or any other of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin endorsed candidates. (Pastor Broden also has the support of Sarah Palin!). Please help Pastor Broden win.

Texas US Congress District 18: Ok, this is a long shot. John Faulk is challenging the “queen” of TV camera face-time, socialist/Marxist Sheila Jackson Lee. You can’t blame him for trying. Having the courage to challenge SJL in such a district deserves some support. We need to develop a mindset of challenging the entrenched “ruling class elitists” for EVERY SINGLE ONE of America’s over 500,000 elected positions—from the school house to the White House. Please help John Faulk overthrow Queen Sheila.

Let me and others know of others who also deserve the support of conservatives.


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That was well written. I've already sent $100 donations to several U.S. Senate races, NV, WA, IL, and have given locally to Schwertner, Flores, Larry Gonzales. Also doing volunteer work for Wlmnsn. Cnty. GOP. You're piece inspired me to more. I'll give $20 to each of the ones you listed and encourage your readers to do the same; but also, boots on the ground mean a lot too-and you'll meet some wonderful people.

I am ashamed that Christians have let it come to this. We need to know that Liberty, like Love, e.g., is a sacred trust bequeathed to us from the deity and is surely a spiritual vehicle by which we have commerce with our God. A sacrifice for Liberty makes that spirit ever more luminous and attractive to those that come after us. Make it shine, folks!

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