Sarah Davis Pulls Stunning Upset Liberal Rep. Ellen Cohen in District 134 Race

State Rep Elect Sarah Davis at Campaign HQIn a race that caught most people by surprise (except those who had been reading TexasGOPVote) first time candidate Sarah Davis defeated liberal Texas Representative Ellen Cohen for the District 134 seat by a mere 725 votes!

Her election is all the more amazing considering that when she filed to run for the seat, she had just completed treatment for breast cancer. She is a fighter and it showed in this campaign.  

State Representative Elect Sarah Davis

In a message from State Representative Elect Davis, she said:

"WE DID IT!!!! Every phone call, dollar donated, letter signed, meet & greet held, door knocked upon, and sign put up made all of the difference to get out our voters. We won with a well-oiled grassroots team of dedicated volunteers and donors, and I thank each of you for your hard work. I received Ellens gracious concession this morning and wish her the best."

"I am looking forward to going to Austin and representing District 134 as YOUR new conservative voice!!!!"

Davis ran on a campaign dedicated to reducing the size of government, protecting Texas southern border and finding a way to stop the Obama Healthcare program from destroying the Texas Economy.

Her election represents a major shift in power in the Texas Legislature. State Representative Allen Fletcher said at gathering recently, "Every time my voting light is green, Cohens is red. Every time mine is red, hers is green. We need to elect Sarah Davis to fix that problem." Apparently the voters of District 134 agree.

Note to State Rep. Patricia Harless - I am sorry your friend lost. But now you have someone who can be your friend AND vote with you instead of against you. Isnt that better?


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