Sarah Palin Impersonator Shows up at CPAC 2011

There's no question that Sarah Palin is a media star. So when a woman with Sarah Palin's iconic hairdo, dressed in a bright red skirt suit with an American flag pin, oh and don't forget the trendy thin-framed glasses, shows up in the lobby of the very hotel where the Conservative Political Action Conference is being held, there's going to be a mass frenzy!

Young kids went up to her and shook her hand, reporters tried to get interviews with her, and absolutely everyone wanted to get a snapshot of her!

However, on closer inspection, this person was simply a Sarah Palin impersonator, not the real deal. 

According to NPR:

Earlier this week, Palin declined an invitation to speak at CPAC and drew criticism from some conservatives, including former Sen. Rick Santorum, one of several CPAC guest speakers considering a presidential bid. Palin has said she had a scheduling conflict.
So Lyons seized the opportunity to give the CPAC attendees what they wanted. A representative of the entertainment firm accompanying Lyons said she has performed as the former governor at many venues, including on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

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