Is SB 1070 really THAT big of a deal?

So I'm sure this is going to ruffle some feathers, but I both approve and disapprove of Arizona's SB 1070. I understand that this may be confusing, but though I agree that this bill is a step in the right direction, I do not think it will end up accomplishing much.

Arizona, like many border states, has been forced into a sad situation in which it must act because the federal government has neglected one of its few responsibilities. Arizona is the one state that has been most negatively affected by illegal immigration and border violence, and I applaud them for taking charge!

My only reservation is that Arizona's new law will not make much of a difference because law enforcement can only ask for proof of citizenship once someone has committed some sort of offense where police interaction is legitimate. So this means that every once in a while a police officer will pull over somebody for speeding or something like that and then occasionally run into a driver who does not have proper identification. How can this situation really result in much contact with illegals? If anything illegals are going to be on their best behavior and do their best to avoid being in a situation where a cop will be involved.

Though SB 1070 is a start, it is not perfect and before the Texas Legislature even considers tacking immigration, I hope they will build upon Arizona's law and come up with something that will be more effective. In order to come up with a better solution, both sides are going to have to take a step back and really look at Arizona's new immigration law.

When this happens, the left will realize that there is very little room for racial profiling. If anything the left is partaking in racial profiling because the law requires that law enforcement officers have "legitimate contact" before they ask for proof of citizenship, so this tells me that the left just assumes that we Hispanics are just bound to commit a crime and be approached by law enforcement. In addition, even if a law enforcement official abused his power and did racially profile a suspect, the law only requires they provide a state or federally issued ID, which could be something like just a driver's license.

I hope that when the right takes a step back and looks at this issue again, more of us will realize that this law will not be as effective as we would like. The sad fact of the matter is that while the federal government has been inefficient in dealing with illegal immigration, states are very limited in how we can deal with the issue. States should focus their attentions on those who not only break the law but are here to cause harm, such as those who partake in illegal drug and human trafficking. Other than that, all we can do is pressure our representatives in Congress to find sensible solutions to solve immigration that will punish those who do harm, and protect our nation.


"every once in a while a police officer will pull over somebody for speeding or something like that and then occasionally run into a driver who does not have proper identification."

I happen to have worked as cop in a rural area and routinely "contacted" illegals everyday and all night. The economy was based on their labor and nothing much was done with them. Catch and release was just the rules of the game. Book 'em for drunk and they were back the next day.

So yeah, in some areas the Arizona law will have a big impact if the officers choose to apply it. In others, not so much.

This is a sadly understated point: who is going to do the jobs most won't if and when such an ill-conceived policy takes place?
For those so arrogant to believe this is not an issue, consider this:  Where do you get your food?  Who grows it?  Who picks it?
Consider this as well: Do you have an adversity to a lack of air conditioning or working long days in the hot sun?  Most spoiled Americans do have such an adversity.  It's a disgusting weakness that makes me ashamed of my fellow countrymen.
The next time someone considers AZ SB1070 a good idea, contact me.  I would love to help demonstrate what life WITHOUT these people is like.  I know there is not a Republican one who would be willing to take a field position.

I have lived in another country but I was there with the military. When you are in a host counrty you have to learn to do things their way. You also have to learn to speak the language. We should not have to print anything other than the english language . Why are we letting people change us instead of us changing them? If they want to live here do it the right way or get out and talk your native tongue with you

Ok Some Say That illegal's  are doing jobs we lazy Americans don't want . That was true years ago . A long time ago if what I have seen is true .Work on a farm is hard grueling physically demanding ,. And now days physical labor inefficient machines have taken 90 percent of the hand labors off the field. I'm 49 years old   I was raised on a farm and ranch operation . I worked 12 to 14 hours a day for 12 dollars, a day . I never saw an illegal alien working beside me around me or other farm, ranch operations in my area of our wonderful state of Texas.Where were these poor immigrants when I was a kid . I went to school in a rural area . There was two families of Mexican Americans living within our school districts. That went to school with me. Were they the ones doing all of our work we didn't want to do .I don't think so . Now days in the town I live which is 20 miles from where I grew up as a child . I see more and more illegal's than ever. They have jobs as Construction Workers  , Truck Drivers, Roofers ,Asphalt Pavers ,Industrial plant Workers. I've done all of these jobs threw out my life .These are good paying jobs . Most people in my area still want . Don't tell me they only take what we don't want . Their taking our jobs . Sending their money back to Mexico so more Mexicans can come here and do the same Illegally I might add.The disregard our laws our culture and our people . No other immigrant to the United States has ever done that or been allowed to do to this to people of the United States. Why them Why now ?

So you are saying that you cannot compete with people with very little education and the inability to speak English and are illegal?  Perhaps there is something wrong with you!  I am an accountant and I can assure you that there are no illegals competing for my job.  Instead of complaining, get educated, get off your fat ass and get a real job!  There is no excuse for American born white people with all of the privileges that come with citizenship should feel like they have to compete with illegals for jobs. 

The fact is that this coconut would be hauled into Joe Arpaio's tent city just by his looks and/or last name.  The gringo racists one can live with; you know where they are coming and who they are.  It's the traitorous malinche bastards like this pendejo that really gall.

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